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Dec 22, 2007 04:34 PM

South Padre

Headed there next week...last postings were awhile ago...don't suppose things change much but will take suggestions for FRESH seafood...and some ideas on what to do in area...

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  1. Scampi's has excellent food, but the decor is very generic. They have a great wine list as well. My personal favorite dish is the Peanut Butter Shrimp.

    Sea Ranch is also popular, but it has been a while since I have ate there.

    Blackbeards is your typical everything is fried seafood place. Nothing creative.

    I am not sure what there is to do because this is the offseason for them. Maybe go fishing?

    Right when you cross the bridge, there is a Ben's Liquor there that has a pretty good wine selection.

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      I have commented on this before, but I cannot resist to pass along my favorites. We have been down the last 2 summers. Our favorites are Dirty Al's and the South Padre Brew Company. We did not like Amberjacks. If you have the time and $$$ rent a dune buggy from Uncle Buggies and head up the beach. Just remember it is a stick, so don't waste your time if that is a problem. Have fun.

    2. Go to the Yacht Club in Port Isabel for snapper throats...grilled....soooo good. Joseph's was good, but this was a couple of years ago. We liked Blackbeards for burgers and simple lunches. Ted's for breakfast....or Manuels in Port Isabel for tortillas the size of hubcaps filled with all things Tex/Mex. Go fishing if you can, to the snapper banks and the Sea Ranch will cook your catch. Since it's winter, this IS the season for SP and the "winter Texans" will fill every restaurant by 5:30 or so.

      1. Thanks all...we tried Scampi's for New Year Eve...and it was good with a nice view. Tried SP Brewing Co. and the pizza were great; also went to Big Daddy's Cajun and it was OK, but fried. There are slim picking for food in SP. Did drive on the beach but did not rent dune buggy since we had 4-wheel drive vehicle...really not needed though. Most fun was the boat from Aransas Pass to the Aransas NWR looking for whooping cranes...was many of those plus sandhill cranes and many other birds...nice trip (enclosed)