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Dec 22, 2007 04:22 PM

MULINO'S - rant! (white plains)

Sorry, but I needed to confirm what I already knew. Those BEST OF WESTCHESTER Italian nods they continue getting make me doubt myself every few years. I wouldn't say the place is not living up to its' reputation - I would say the place is downright horrible. I give them an A for effort in the service category but I'm really reaching now. Someone please blow the place up and start over! Just to take the comment one step further - I am not saying it is bad 'for the price' - I'm saying there is nothing good about the place.
I would love to hear differently from someone who knows decent food.....

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  1. i couldn't agree with you more.....if you look up the word "overrated" in the dictionary.......there will be a pic of that place

    1. I've been and won't be back either. I always wonder why they get such great reviews (along with places like Crabtree....) - there are so many places that are superior (italian and otherwise) so you are not alone.

      1. Agree! The only good think about Mulino's is that its name closely resembles that of Il Mulino in NYC.