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Dec 22, 2007 03:33 PM

deviled eggs

We have had deviled eggs with something crunchy in them. it's not visible and is not onions (I tried that) --- does anyone have a recipe like that with maybe celery?

Have to take them to the world's best cook's house Christmas Day and could use whatever advice you can provide.

Merry christmas, everybody!

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  1. Chopped sweet pickles? Although I'm not sure what would make them invisible.

    1. you think it could be water chestnuts?

      1. It's celery. Good deviled eggs always have a bit of minced celery, as well as sweet pickle relish, but the relish isn't the "invisible" part.

        Good lordy, this Carolina boy grew up eating deviled eggs and loving them passionately.

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        1. re: uptown jimmy

          I love deviled eggs, but never put celery or relish in mine - just egg yolks pushed through a sieve and mayonnaise, with certain additions - curry powder, pimenton, bottarga, chives or some Coleman's mustard.

          1. re: uptown jimmy

            There was an Italian deli where our work crew regularly lunched in Sunnyvale, CA, whose deviled eggs had that subtle crunch. I finally figured out that it was in fact minced celery, but you really have to chop it by hand, because a processor makes it mushy and destroys the effect. Being usually too damned lazy to do that - deviled eggs are a bit of work anyway - I don't very often. Sure is a good addition, though.

            1. re: uptown jimmy

              Bleah, can't stand deviled eggs with relish.

              I make huevos diablos :) I put chipotle powder in the yolk mixture and top it with smoked paprika. Also in the yolk mixture is mayo and dijon mustard. :)

            2. Crispy bacon on top is a nice addition.

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              1. re: stellamystar

                Some other ideas for deviled eggs are

                Minced jalepeno peppers
                crispy fried chorizo
                Minced shallots

                1. re: EricShawnSmith

                  I love horseradish in my deviled eggs. I'm making some for our Christmas eve spread tomorrow.

              2. I made a deviled egg recipe called Parsi Deviled Eggs that I found on Arthur Schwartz's website. ( They have finely chopped jalapeno peppers in them along with honey and cilantro. They are always a big hit.

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                1. re: Babs

                  I make these too. They are a nice alternative to traditional deviled eggs.

                  1. re: Babs

                    The link above for Parsi deviled eggs didn't work, but I was intrigued so I found this link:


                    I just made these-- they are absolutely delicious-- I did add about 50% more jalapeno than called for as I thought they could use a bit more kick

                    1. re: DGresh

                      This "copy kat" recipe is the exact Parsi recipe.