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Dec 22, 2007 03:20 PM

Best Chinese Restaurant in Reno?

I am trying to make Christmas Eve Chinese restaurant reservations for a group of us who don't celebrate X-mas other than to go out to Chinese food. This, it turns out, is the traditional method of celebrating X-mas eve, if you are Jewish. We are leaning toward Soochow, but wondered if there are other front runners. No on Peony. Other suggestions as to the current favorites? Thanks.

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  1. Price range? Any other criteria?

    1. I've eaten at Jazmine a couple of times since it reopened and it was good.
      Barbara, check your work email that I have.

      1. Yes, I have experienced Jewish Xmas eve, eating Chinese food! It was in the bay area so seems like a more widespread thing then I thought at the time. I was invited by a Jewish friend and didn't happen to have anything going on that night. Chinese food, never wooda thought of that....Anyhow on to Chinese food in Reno. This all depends on the type of experience you might be looking for. Fancy and cost not a problem within reason, I would pick Jazmine. The place is very nice inside and elegent, the waiters speak english fine (they should, the're white guys), and the food is actually very good. The downside might be it is a little more expensive then what most might have in mind when thinking of Chinese food. This is not take out fast food, sweet and sour everything, deep fried meat candy. The flavors are complex, sutle and presented in that neuveu California elegent style, (you know, entree on top of lettuce leaf on black square plate, kinds thing..) My office group went there for our Xmas lunch (boss was paying), and the whole experience was exceptionally great. Everybody commented they hadn't had Chinese food like that before. They have many things that would not offend the Jewish diner. Chef Quoc will make things that are not on the menu by request. Price per person might be $20-$30 per person, but will be a meal to remember, assumomg 6-10 people. One thing, you might check and see if they will be open that day.
        Now on the other hand if you would like not as fancy a place and that might serve more authentic Chinese food, I would suggest China East at the corner of S. Virgina. and Vassar. I know this place should be open. Not as fancy and the prices per personmight be 40% less then Jazmine. Its a real family kind of place and the food is very good there. They have all the normal favorites and also so real chinese food in the back of the menu. They do a killer Peking or roast duck! The price per person for a nice dinner here might be about $12- 18$ per, given a party of 6-10.
        Thers my suggestions foe a special dinner, as there are lots of places that would do for more casual occasions.

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          Just check with Jazmine if they will ne open Xmas eve, and Sorry they are closed, so you would have to pick somethig else. I would guess the Golden Fortune in The Eldorado would be open, and is nice.

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            Not open on X'mas eve? What kind of Chinese restaurant is this?

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              Reno doesn't exactly have a very big Jewish population...or very many other non-Christians, for that matter. So the Chinese restaurants here may not be "hip" to tradition.....

        2. I have lunch from time to time at Soochow and still enjoy it...last time was a couple of weeks ago, so recently. Its not as upscale as Jazmine, of course....

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            Thanks everyone...We don't care about upscale, just want the best, if that is upscale, then, we will consider it. I am not sure what we will do, but will keep reading to see if any other options are raised!

          2. Our go-to spot for Chinese is China East. Recently had good food from Palais di Jade, too, but still prefer China East.