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Oct 17, 2000 04:11 AM

Apple pie

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I've been dreaming of an apple pie... fresh apples, a little nutmet, maybe some nuts... but most importantly that dreamy, flaky crust. Some ice cream, maybe. Any leads?


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  1. You will find other threads on this board that mention the Apple Pan (most recently related to burgers), which in my opinion, makes a killer pie that meets all your criteria. In fact, I had a party this year with all sorts of awesome desserts, and the one Apple Pan pie vanished within mere minutes. Sweet Lady Jane sometimes bakes wonderful pie, too. And if they don't have it, don't be disappointed--anything else you choose will be memorable and send you running (or rolling, depending on how much you've eaten) back for more ASAP...

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      Try Polly's Pies in Santa Monica at Wilshire and 5th. All their pies are freshly baked on the premises. The apple pie is delicious and they make the best lemon merengue I've ever had. In season their fresh peach pie is sensational. My mouth is suddenly watering.