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favorite magic bullet recipe?

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I just received a magic bullet as a gift and actually like it. i have a small kitchen, so it makes making delicious fruit smoothies much easier than lugging the blender out of the cabinet.

does anyone else have one? do you use it? what's your favorite recipe/thing to make?

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  1. I don't have one but just sent Magic Bullet to my oldest son for Christmas, who just moved to San Diego...he is a certified personal trainer...will be very interested to see the results here...dtud, what is the recipe booklet like? Does it have any recipes you can use to get started?

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      it had a lot of recipes - but they all seemed kind of bland. you can, of course, jazz it up with your own ingredients - i was just curious to see if anyone had a knock out recipe for it.

      it really chops through the food - so like another poster said, if you want to keep consistency - this is not the thing. but it makes smoothies, sauces, pureed soups easily.

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        It is a type of blender that requires less "fuss" if you will than the usual blender. Someone at work told me about it being easier to clean and use, especially for the non-kitchen type of person which sounded perfect for my son. Here's the link to it just in case you want to read about it:


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          Take a look on this site and on Amazon for reviews of Magic Bullet. The general concensus is that it's okay for purees, but lousy for salsas and things like that.

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            My main reason for sending it to him was for smoothies...thank you, though, for your comment, I'll look at that!

      2. Bean Dip
        1/2 can of bean dip
        handful of onions
        cheese (as much as you want)
        2 spoonfuls of salsa

        Blend all ingredients and heat for 30 seconds in the microwave!
        ENJOY!! :)

        1. I use it for smoothies mostly, but also for some sauces, but, only things that can be completely smooth because it purees really quickly.

          1. I don't have the exact recipe, but my old roommate used to make hummus in his, and it always came out great.

            1. i think we must have overused ours as the little plastic disk inside the unit broke a few months after we bought it....but before it broke, we used to use it for making frozen coffee drinks...just add instant coffee, cream, ice, cocoa powder, sugar and a few whole coffee beans. yum yum yum.

              1. Because the container for the food is so small, food gets trapped in the Magic Bullett container and the rest of the food does not get chopped/pureed easily. The instructions for the Magic Bullett suggest shaking the blender violently while it is running. I was not impressed and quickly found a spot on my "I'll give it away to charity" shelf.

                In answer to your question, it seems to do salsa pretty well because uniformity of chopping is not really required, so you get some vegetables that have been liquified and others that arepieces that are nearly as big as they were when you put them in the machine--good for salsa, not much good for other blending jobs.