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Dec 22, 2007 02:33 PM

Still Waiting for the 2 New Hyde Park Restaurants...

I had heard that Townsends was going to open last week but as of several days ago, it looked like it still had a ways to go. The space where CF Donovans is going doesn't look much further along either. Any updates?

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  1. I was at Donovans last week and met the manager that has been hired to run the Hyde Park location. He says that they are committed to having the Hyde Park location open by the end of January.

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    1. Where's Townsends going to be? I live in Hyde Park and have been eagerly awaiting a local eatery.

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        It's going to be on Fairmount Ave just past the C21 RE office going towards Truman Pkwy. It's the 1st floor of a brand new building. Townsends is suppose to be the restaurant open for dinner and there's suppose to be a bakery/cafe next door owned by the same owners as Townsends. There's a new wine store across the street(I think it's Winestines or something like that).

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          walked by Townsends this morning, and I agree that it looks like there's a ways to go. But it does look to have a nice fireplace.

          the wine place is called Albert Winesteins. very helpful, not at all stuck-up employees. usually will offer a taste of a couple things to try while you look around.