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Dec 22, 2007 01:45 PM

Lady & Sons, why the neg. reviews?

Bought a really nice bag of organic lamb meat, some organic veggies and some other items the other day from Lady and Sons. The woman there is incredibly nice and there's a ton of healthy product in there so anyone still looking for a good butcher or a place to pop-in and buy produce and snacks on the way home, south side of Queen across from where Jones Ave. ends is where you need to be!

Made a red wine curry stew and some roasted rosemary garlic veggies and everything turned out a treat!

I read in some older reviews.. well not that old, a month ago, that the place was a bit of a mess and had nothing? When I went in there yesterday there was some decent produce, more than I expected, brocolli, potatoes, onions, (since it IS a butcher and not a produce store) and also lots of crackers, biscuits, jams and various preserves and sauces etc. Organic/health snacks, some beans and lentils and whatnot, and they have a peanut butter machine, and really, the meat looked good. About as good as say Strickland's on Greenwood or the counter at any grocery store.

I don't know what it was like previously but I was not deterred in any way from the store yesterday. I encourage everyone to go check it out, I think it must have gotten better since they opened because to me it was just another small grocery store, I was surprised to read the previous neg. reviews here.

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  1. I checked it out shortly after opening and found badly cut beef with virtually no marbling, and generally badly cut, badly displayed meats and poultry plus prepared food that didn't look interesting. Glad to give her another chance, though, since they were still getting organized. But it was a real downer.

    1. as i said in my original post, i've had more bad than good from this place. i agree that things are improving though. they've added another refrigerated case and the display is now more appealing (still, cumbrae's it aint). there is no doubt that the lady and her son are very nice and eager-to-please people.

      i still go back for chicken and ground meats. the prime cuts are very very hit or miss but on occasion, if something looks good and fresh i'll try it out. i had an aged tenderloin about a month ago that was very tasty and had some decent lamb chops from there recently. they supplied me with our christmas turkey, which was excellent. the cut of the steaks does seem to have improved somewhat, but the couple of times since my first review that i've tried them out, i've been left underwhelmed.

      the hit and miss quality and availability is partly made up for by the price. i've found it to be more reasonable as of late. whether or not it is truly certified organic or just anecdotally so from the supplier remains a suspicion of mine. at they very least, they don't charge healthy butcher prices for what they say is organic.

      while the selection of fresh produce is a nice touch, i went in once and found a flat of soft mushy over ripe and even moldy tomatoes on display as well as a bag of dried up and moldy garlic. at the very least, when your tomatoes are this bad you shouldn't have them on display.

      i don't think they'll ever be a cumbrae's but i think they are getting incrementally better and, truth be told, my recent visits have been less disappointing.

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