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Oct 16, 2000 08:56 PM

fondue restaurants

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Hi! I'm looking for a fondue restaurant. I've never been to one before, and the one on Ventura in Studio City (near Coldwater Canyon) called La Fondue has always looked interesting. Has anyone ever been? If so, is it any good? Other suggestions--recommended restaurants, tips on what to get, cost of the meal--would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I ate many times at the original version of La Fondue Bourgogne in Westwood during the '70's. (My god, I'm old!). Of course, that was a different era in terms of food sensibilities...

    Anyway, my wife and I tried the Sherman Oaks locale, more out of a feeling of nostalgia than anything else, several years back.

    I have no idea if their menu has changed since then (although I strongly doubt it), so I can only say that, unlike the current vogue of cheese fondues, this place is all about frying your dinner in a pot of hot oil at your table.

    You are served with your choice of various raw ingredients, e.g. shrimp, chicken, beef, and a variety of dipping sauces (all of them impeccably prepared).

    You leave with the feeling that you've had a fun night and a belly full of oil.

    I like the concept and the owner and his wife (sister?)are truly gracious, but my wife just won't eat that much fat at one sitting. At least, that is, unless it is more artfully disquised!

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      In fact, La Fondue serves both cheese fondue and oil fondue--as well as chocolate fondue--and if you order the combination dinner, you get all three. It hasn't, it seems, changed appreciably since the '70s.

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        the cadillac cafe at 359 n. la cienega has a great fondue appetizer -- it's made for 4 to share as an app but 2 can make a meal of it with some side salads or something.

        it's a cheese fondue with bread, roasted potatoes, pieces of green apple and pickles for dipping. really delicious.

        plus, the last time i was there, one of the owners asked my dining companion and me if we thought a fondue-only place could be successful (they were thinking of opening one next door). could be something to keep an eye out for...


      2. re: Bob Brooks

        I took my wife to La Fondue for her birthday two nights ago. We had all three courses. The rich dipping sauces that accompany the main course add more fat than the cooking process itself. You're actually eating much more fat you eat the cheese or the chocolate fondue. Cooking in hot oil will not make foods greasy unless it isn't hot enough. At La Fondue the oil was sufficiently hot. Just give your morsel a good shake before you take it away from the pot.