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Dec 22, 2007 01:23 PM

Old Erie Restaurant or Skaneateles update?

So we made it to skaneateles - wondering if anyone can speak to the old erie restaurant in weedsport now that management has changed?

Any update on where to eat and which bakery to visit in skaneateles?



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  1. Hi,
    Curt and Toni Feldmann at Skaneateles Hotel and Suites are the people to talk with about local information (315-685-7568 or
    Cary Briel

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      great, thanks! we'll check with them.


    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. OK so so far I have had two non-raving "it's OK" answers.

        Anyone else think differently?


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          We were at Pantisserie Bakery located behind the Sherwood Inn yesterday.
          This is the best,and possibly only,bakery in town.
          Really good holiday cookies,pies,and muffins,ect.
          We love to eat at the bar in the Tap Room at the Sherwood Inn;which we did yesterday also.
          Their Hunter Stew is outstanding;loaded with venison and beef---which I had yesterday.
          Their creamy lobster bisque is also great!
          The choice on the Tap Room menu is really excellent in our opinion.
          Understand that we like to eat at the bar and not the formal dining rooms.
          The Blue Water Grille,across the street from the Sherwood is also good as is the Mandana Inn,just down Rt. 41A off W. Lake Road.
          You might want to call the Mandana as I think they only serve dinners.
          Doug's Fish Fry is an institution in the town serving really good seafood but without that country inn atmosphere;guess I don't know what your food tastes are-----
          Rosalia's Cucina,heading towards Auburn,just out of town,is an excellent,and expensive,Italian restaurant serving some of the best Italian we've ever had.
          Have Fun!

          1. re: andreaplants

            Old Erie has, unfortunately, gone downhill under the new ownership. My wife and I used to love the place, and we wanted to keep going, but two mediocre dinners in a row turned us off of the place.

          2. Rosalie's restaurant has a great bakery. The options are limited but done well - bread, biscotti, coffee, etc.


            I don't personally think that place behind the Sherwood is anything special.