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Dec 22, 2007 01:21 PM

Crusty bread (or regular bread) in NYC

We moved to NYC recently from Western Mass and while I LOVE being able to get soo much kosher food at regular supermarkets, I find there are no "regular" bakeries. In Western Mass & Connecticut a few the large supermarkets would have a kosher bakery, so it was easy to get a fresh baguette or sourdough, or fresh muffins - though hard to get much else. Where can I find that here? I am finding kosher bakeries for things like cakes, but are there stores that have kosher bakeries and how can i find them? I am most interested in Manhattan, particularly the West Side, but any kind of listing or direction to one would be most helpful. I miss crusty bread with dinner! Thanks in advance!

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      Yes, many of the baked goods at Fairway (both the 72nd and the 133rd St. branches) are certified by Rabbi Marmorstein, who certifies many Upper West Side kosher establishments. Further up, there's Gideon's (a.k.a. Gruenbaum's), at 187th St. between Fort Washington and Pinehurst, a kosher bakery leaning towards German baked goods; I find their challah hit or miss, but the breads can be pretty good.

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        Tribeca Oven makes great crusty bread and is pas yisroel. You can find it at Fairway and some other specialty stores (Balducci's?).

        1. re: DeisCane

          Fairway is a great choice for baguettes and similar breads. But I think Tribeca Oven is no longer in the picture, as fas I know they are more or less gone and only making dough for others to bake. So unless you can find a bakery that is kosher using their dough, it is history.

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            Really? I just bought a loaf of Tribeca's bread at King's Supermarket in my neighborhood about 2-3 weeks ago.

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              Tribeca Ovens has gone Par-Baked.

              Which is a shame, they made an excellent baguette, boule, cluster roll...all around excellent kosher bread. Excellent for non kosher bread.

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                Yeah, their website shows that to be the case and I didn't find anything on it mentioning kashrut. A shame, indeed.

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                  I called Tribeca Oven and was told that they are no longer distributing for retail sale. I thought their's was the best available and I am crestfallen. According to the person I spoke w/, the par-baked is still under certification (they had been using Chof-k, which still lists them on their website) but I would wait to confirm that information as it doesn't make much sense that the par baked product, which must be finished in the retailer's ovens, would still be kosher. Bread Alone (available at the Union Square Greenmarket and a few other places) probably is the best bet now. Some of Fairway's own breads are quite good as well.

                  1. re: Kosher Critic

                    Bread Alone is available at all the Whole Foods as well. But their packaged stuff lacks crust, probably due to the packaging. However their bread is phenomenal. I'm pretty sure that only the packaged breads are kosher. At the greenmarket, while it is good and crusty, there is no supervision (pretty sure they're there on Saturday) and i have never seen an indication of their kashruth other then on some, not all, of their packages.
                    Eli's makes some great crusty breads, both in and out of packaging. I'm not sure if its a reliable hechsher though.

    2. Chiffons in brooklyn 1373 coney island avenue they must have a great bread baker Thursday and friday there is sourdough along with their daily rye , marble, white, health wholewheat etc they have many rolls too. Call and see if they deliver

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        I just bought a loaf of sourdough at Chiffon's it's pretty good, (just crisp it up a bit first in the oven) drizzle on some evo and you're good to go...
        however, it's no tribeca oven sour dough, which was imo is the best bread ever. I think tribeca oven got to greedy by going par baked, and killed the goose that laid the golden egg. (or boule)

      2. Try Orwasher's Bakery on East 78th Street....fabulous breads. Also, Eli's breads on 82nd and Third. Yes, the UES has a few things that even the UWS lacks.