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Oct 16, 2000 05:02 PM

good bakery? w/cappucino and nice scones-pastries?

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any reccomendations. live in burbank, will travel if necessary.

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  1. Europane, on Colorado near Lake in Pasadena, has splendid cappuccino and the best scones in the city. I like the ones with candied ginger the best. There have been times when I found ways to end up at Europane something like 25 times in a month.

    1. Check out Panos Pastry & Bakery, 418 S. Central Ave., Glendale, just south of W. Colorado St.

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      1. re: Tom Armitage

        Panos--a branch of what was reputedly hands-down the best Armenian bakery in Beirut--is great, but isn't it more of a ketaif 'n Turkish coffee place than a cappuccino and scones place? Still: good score.

        Mastercake, an awesome Cuban bakery on Glenoaks, might then qualify, if cafe con leche and pasteles count too. :-}

        1. re: Pepper

          You're right--I interpreted the question broadly to refer to a "good bakery" with "pastries," not limited to scones. Panos probably doesn't even know what a scone is, but it does have some great pastries. By the way, there's also a branch of Panos in Hollywood at 5150 Hollywood Blvd.

        2. re: Tom Armitage

          Check out Old town bakery and resturant, on the corner of colorado and Pasadena Ave, across from Urban Outfitters, in Pasadena, its great, great desserts and a full menu, but still small, outside and inside seating