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Sushi in Westchester

Carbqueen Dec 22, 2007 12:41 PM

I'm looking for a quick and delicious sushi place in westchester, near mamaroneck.

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  1. d
    debmom RE: Carbqueen Dec 22, 2007 01:01 PM

    Fujinoya on Central Ave in White Plains

    1. southlake RE: Carbqueen Dec 22, 2007 01:02 PM

      when you say "quick" i think of a "grab and go" spot......for that hit up whole foods in w hite plains......they got some pretty good/fresh sushi.......and you can't get much quicker than that.......
      for a "sit down" experience........hit up sushi nanese......in white plains......on mamaroneck ave......super fresh.....for the more adventurous sushi eater.......

      1. j
        jeanki RE: Carbqueen Dec 23, 2007 03:31 PM

        Many like Toyo Sushi in Mamaroneck

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        1. re: jeanki
          Dim Sum Diva RE: jeanki Dec 24, 2007 04:09 AM

          Sushi Nanese is delicious, but I wouldn't call it quick, and they are not open for lunch.

          However, next door in the Daido Asian market, there is a take out sushi place that I like for a quick fix. When you go in, it is next to the cash registers. If the sushi lady is not there that day, she leaves boxed meals in the refrigerator. I've never spent more than $7 on a boxed lunch there.

        2. l
          LIHCREVCO RE: Carbqueen Dec 24, 2007 10:56 AM

          Sushi Mike's in Dobbs Ferry is my favorite, if you get reservations you'll be in and out in 20mins, but they don't make res. for anyone under 3 people on the weekends.

          1. k
            Kobe RE: Carbqueen Dec 26, 2007 08:04 AM

            Seasons Japanese Bistro on Mamaroneck in White Plains is the best I've had in a while.

            1. p
              pobo RE: Carbqueen Dec 26, 2007 04:24 PM

              I recommend Toyo Sushi on Mamaroneck Ave (south of the theatre) in Mamaroneck. I find the sushi to be very fresh and good, and it's a nice space. I have never been disappointed (and they are open for lunch, too).

              1. JMF RE: Carbqueen Dec 30, 2007 05:57 AM

                What quality level? By quick do you mean take out or sit down? Do you mean grab and go like from a supermarket or Asian deli? Can you be more specific.

                1. s
                  shanghaiknights RE: Carbqueen Dec 30, 2007 09:54 AM

                  I second the vote for Toyo. It's right in the town of Mamaroneck, next to the playhouse, nearly across from Sal's. I've had great sushi every time I go, and they also have good cooked food.

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                  1. re: shanghaiknights
                    dhammer53 RE: shanghaiknights Feb 15, 2008 05:31 AM

                    Note to self... stay away on Valentines day. Service was sub-par. Table wait = 20 minutes. Ok. Not bad. Wait for food after ordering - 40 minutes! I treat Val Day like a Saturday night. A restaurant should be prepared!

                    Toyo had some of the best looking, biggest pieces of sushi in all of Westchester County. More California style!! Just wondering why my tuna and salmon tasted the same? I thought the california roll was one of the best, and I'm putting it in a league with what I get out west. My wife had the Lovers roll.

                    I'll give it another go midweek to check for service AND food taste/quality.

                    1. re: dhammer53
                      valerie RE: dhammer53 Feb 15, 2008 06:11 AM

                      We get take out often from Toyo and last night was no exception. When my husband still hadn't arrived back home and it was close to 7:00, I called him to see where he was. He was still waiting for the food and he said that this was the most crowded he had ever seen the place. Including any Saturday night.

                      Our food was good as usual. You should by no means judge a place on Valentine's Day and give Toyo another chance. People come out of the woodwork to dine out and, prepared or not, restaurants are not at their finest.

                      1. re: valerie
                        Avalondaughter RE: valerie Feb 15, 2008 06:12 AM

                        Am I the only one who thinks Toyo stinks to high heaven? I walk in there and the fish stink just reeks! I have a hard time eating there because of the smell.

                        1. re: Avalondaughter
                          Shawn RE: Avalondaughter Feb 15, 2008 06:04 PM

                          I think Toyo is absolutely awful. The pieces of sushi are way too large and totally tasteless. I have never been a fan, but the other night I thought I'd give them another chance and got take out. I ended up throwing out most of my food. A couple of the pieces were tough and sort of rindy and "off." I'm not going back.

                          I'd gladly pay double for Nanase any time.

                  2. i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream RE: Carbqueen Feb 15, 2008 06:16 PM

                    Not near Mamaroneck, but I've been really happy with the sushi from Yama Fuji in Briarcliff Manor.

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