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Oct 14, 2000 08:18 PM

El Encanto in San Gabriel Mountains?

  • j

I remember this place from about 25 years ago. Fun place, featuring non-scheduled, drop-in entertainers. Anyone else old enough to remember it, and is it still around. I'd like to visit there next time I'm in L.A.

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  1. El Encanto is still there, where Highway 39 snakes through Azusa Canyon and into the national forest, and the setting is still stunning, but the cooking is at best marginal. That being said, I suspect you will find it largely unchanged from 25 years ago: it has the feel of a restaurant caught in a drop of amber.

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      We've all heard "You can't go back", but what the heck, what's to lose. Think I'll check out that drop of amber next trip, in Nov.

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        I revisited the El Encanto Restaurant after the new owners put life back into it. I was impressed with the food and service I received and have been back to dine several times. I found the food to be excellent, as well as the prices. Combine this with the general ambience and together they make a great location to enjoy an evening at.

        My opinion of this restaurant rests high in my book. I strongly recommend the El Encanto to anyone who asks.