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Dec 22, 2007 11:01 AM

Eve's In Norritown Opening Today 12/22

As previously asked on this board, Eve's in Ntown will be opening today Sat 12/22

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    1. re: RC51Mike

      What is Eve's and where in Norristown is it?

      1. re: mitchh

        Long standing zep shop that used to be on Sandy HIll Rd, closed this year and moved to Johnson Highway.

    2. I drove down around noon today and Eve's is indeed open again. The lunchtime line out the door proves it. I was told the wait would be 40 minutes to place an order. They stlll don't look very organized or fully staffed.

      Now, I'm REALLY intrigued by this famous zep of theirs. But I guess it will have to be an after peak hours experience if I really want to eat.

      P.S. It's not easy to spot from the road. It's on the end of a new strip mall a block down from the high school but the sign is not prominent.