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Oct 14, 2000 03:16 PM

Best Tasting Menu in Town

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My sisters and I would like to treat our parents to a knockout tasting dinner. Any suggestions? If possible, compare/contrast it to the tasting menu at Spago Beverly Hills. We've had the tastings at Patina already so comparing those two would help too. Thanks.

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  1. Spago is on a roll right now--I've not experienced the tasting menu, but tasting-menu like experiences have been grand. And Patina's menus may be a little by-the-numbers, but can be very good. There aren't tons of restaurants with formal cooking in the league of those two.

    Ginza Sushiko is an obvious suggestion--despite the name, sushi will comprise only about a third of your meal, and the food is the most exquisite imaginable--but the cost is unimaginably high. Campanile isn't really about tasting menus, and Melisse is still more ambitious than accomplished.

    Which leaves us with the restaurant at the Peninsula: I'm not ordinarily given to praising hotel food, but Bill Bracken is among the best, most imaginative chefs in town, his food is light and playful, and he has the chops to mix it up over the course of several hours. I believe you will find the sort of E-ticket ride you are looking for.

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      If you'll travel to Orange County, Troquet at South Coast Plaza was excellent. The service and ambience completed the experience.