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Dec 22, 2007 10:37 AM

14 inch deep base kitchen cabinets

I need base cabinets that can only be 14 inches deep.

I was thinking of buying unfinished wall cabinets (to use as the base cabinets) and then making the 4 inch high platform to put under the cabinets to raise them up.

Just wanted some opinions on this and how would I build the platform to support the cabinets?

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  1. That would work fine , I've done it many times (builder) . 2"x4"'s work pretty well , just put them on edge and build a ladder type box for them to sit on . Just remember to attach them ( the cabinets ) properly to the wall . If your floors are really uneven , or if you are installing directly on a sub-floor ( with finished floors installed after cabinets ) you may want to use 2"x6" ripped down to give you a proper toekick height . Of course , you could order custom made 14" deep base cabinets , or hire a carpenter to build them onsite , but that can get expensive . Remember , the toekick dimensions are 3 1/2" to 4" high and 2 3/4" to 3" deep .

    1. I have 14-inch base cabinets along one wall (needed them because of the placement of a doorway that couldn't be moved). I had them custom made (actually, the whole kitchen was custom) and it wasn't that expensive. In fact, it turned out to be cheaper than equivalent quality pre-fab. I think it would be worth it to talk to some local cabinet makers. With the building trades suffering right now because of the housing market, you might be able to get someone willing to do it fairly inexpensively, and you'll save on the labor involved in trying to turn wall cabinets into bases. Other things to consider are putting floor to ceiling cabinets in that space, since 14 inch bases don't give you much counter space anyway or putting in open shelves -- 12-inch deep book cases might be easier to retrofit than wall cabinets, since they're designed to sit on the floor. Depending on the look of your kitchen, you might even find some book cases with glass doors that would be pretty.

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        Mostly great suggestions Ruth -- though I would disagree that the building trades will be willing to cut prices. The slow down is mostly impacting the tract home builders and the 'flippers', neither of whom were known for quality. Among the renovation and higher-end crowd things are pretty much as expensive as always. Some commodity prices have come down a bit, but nothing extraordinary, just a normal "cycle".

        Concerning 14" counter tops, I frankly hate 'em. Anytime folks want a countertop less than 16" they really need to consider what they'll end up using it for. Certainly no major prep or comfortable buffet. Bookcases or even a pantry cabinets are a much better idea.

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          if someone is putting in 14" deep cabinets, won't they end up with close to a 16" counter?

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            Yeah, I had extra outlets put on that wall and use that counter to park my appliances (toaster, coffee maker, blender, food processor, stand mixer, etc.). For big jobs I move the food processor or mixer to a bigger workspace, but for a quick job I can use them in place, and that leaves my main work areas clear of appliances.