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Dec 22, 2007 10:31 AM

STL - whole fried clams?

So, gentle readers, does anyone here know of a restaurant in the area that sells whole fried clams? (Also called "belly" clams")

Fried oysters would be OK too...

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  1. Oceano Bistro, on Maryland in Clayton, has a fried oyster po' boy on its lunch menu for the extremely reasonable price of $8 on their website. We had a very pleasant family dinner there early this past summer.

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    1. re: nosh

      Is the Broadway Oyster Bar still around?

    2. Having lived in ten different states, the only place I have heard of belly clams is Boston. St. Louis lost its last Howard Johnson's a few years back, I wonder if you can even get fried clam strips in St. Louis...

      For fried oysters, the Sho Mi Japanese restaurant in Quincy IL does a nice fried oyster bento box...

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        Yeah we can still get (overdone) clam strips at LJSilver and Ct. D's. I knew this was a Quixotic question, but worth asking. I'm originally from Boston, so...

        Hmmm... how far away is Quincy, IL.? If not too far, and they serve sushi, I'll have to try it out...