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Dec 22, 2007 10:24 AM

Kosher in DC

I always hear that there is no good "kosher or Jewish" food in DC, you have to go to NYC to get the real deal. Although i am a Christian, i love all kinds of ethnic food and would love to try some here in my town (and i know it would have to be pretty great to compare with what i had in NYC, although it was just one time). I did have one great friday night dinner in Adams Morgan in DC a few years back at Felix; he serves brisket & matzo ball soup once a week. I thought it was really delicious but i'm hardly qualified to say if it was the real deal! In fact up til then i didn't even know what a matzo ball was! :)
Anyway, any good rec's for the DC/N. VA area for good kosher/ jewish/israeli type of food would be welcomed as i would love to expand my pallet!

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  1. Eli's Deli in DC. We ate there a few weeks ago - service was super fast and friendly, food was good to excellent.

    1. For what it's worth, 'kosher' is not a cuisine; it's a set of rules. Food of any region can be kosher as long as it's prepared according to the rules, and you can easily make non-kosher chicken soup, brisket, etc. 'Israeli' food is different from the old-school Eastern European food you mention, too - it's more Middle Eastern, with falafel, schawarma, grilled meats, etc.

      That said, Eli's is probably your best bet in DC proper; there may be other options in the general region, such as Silver Spring (MD), but I'm not so familiar with the area.

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        Thanks. Sorry for mangling the terms. I do understand that kosher is more about prep than a specific type of food. I'll have to try Eli's since 2 people have recommended it!

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          Another vote for Eli's, which is very conveniently located in the Dupont Circle area. I had delicious split pea soup there recently.

          charm city nosher

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            If you've eaten Deli in NYC, you will be very disappointed with Eli's. I know I was!

        2. If you would like Israeli style food I would suggest "Pita Plus" in College Park. The cuisine includes Shawarma, Kebobs and more. A great eat at a good price.

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            thanks. it seems as though this type of food i can get at a variety of places that call themselves "middle eastern". It was food such as deli/brisket/matzo ball soup/chicken soup/etc that i was specifically thinking of when i did the original post. If i am in college park however i'll check out your suggestion!