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I'm craaaaaaaaaaving vegetarian laksa(malaysian).....

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  • JohnSyd Oct 13, 2000 10:07 PM
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Please help! I'm not Malaysian, so I'm not really looking for any other Malaysian dish. I'm from Sydney where you have dozens of places offering mouthwatering laksa.

Where can I find it in LA? Please, please let me know!

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  1. Kuala Lumpur, on Green St. in Pasadena, serves both assam (Penang) and lemak (Nonya) style laksas. I can't remember if Kuala Lumpur has a vegetarian lasksa on its menu, but, if not, just ask for it and they'll be happy to prepare it for you.

    1. Zen Grill has Laksa, though I'm not wild about it. The tofu is withered.