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Dec 22, 2007 09:39 AM

Charleston & Kiawah recs

Hello, we are traveling from DC down to Kiawah for the first time Dec 27-Jan 4. We have been to Charleston before but it's been a while. Can anyone make some good restaurant rec's for Charleston, Kiawah/Seabrook Islands and maybe Sullivans/Folly Beach and Isle of Palms? We'd kind of like to explore the whole area each aft/eve after golfing. Also, if anyone has been to the Ocean Room at Kiawah how was that? Any "must orders"? Thanks

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  1. The Ocean Room was on of the best meals I have ever had! Make sure you try Fat Hen on John's Island off of Maybank Hwy. It is delicious and casual.

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      Thanks everyone! The Ocean Room was indeed wonderful; we sat in the bar first and had some bubbly and a cheese plate which was phenomenal. Service unreal! Dinner was great too...dining room all dec'd for the holidays. Had a nice Turley zin with dinner; i had swordfish & hubby had steak. Great experience! Also ate at the bar at the Turtle Point course, and at High Cotton on CHS, at a place at the marina on IOP and it was all really good. And yes IOP is far from Kiawah (everything is!) but we were golfing at Wild Dunes anyway one day.
      Thanks for all the great recs!

    2. On IOP I had one of the best breakfasts of my lifetime at Sea Biscuit Cafe. I went with 2 fellow foodies and we were all really happy with the experience. Very casual but quite delicious.

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        IOP is a little far from Kiawah...I agree with Fat Hen - fantastic restaurant that not many tourists have headed to...

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            yeah - sorry about that - meant to direct that comment to the original post just in case DC Doll didn't realize the distance...

      2. Poe's Tavern (named after Edgar Allen Poe because he lived on Sullivan's for a while) is something of an institution and very good. You'll see locals and tourists alike chowing down on their amazing burgers.

        1. Thanks for this very timely post! Husband and I are spending the weekend Charleston/Kiawah for our anniversary - one night at the Planters Inn, two at the Sanctuary.

          We are eating at the Ocean Room on Sat night, the more casual restaurant at the golf clubhouse fri night.

          What about Charleston, though? We are torn between Anson and Pennsula grill but are open to other suggestions (want to try something new and have eaten at several places before on an earlier trip but have never tried either of these)

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            If you haven't stayed there before, you'll fall in love with The Planters Inn. It is a calm, cool, escape from the hustle and bustle of the Market and Meeting Street. All the windows are double pane and have blackout curtains to insure quiet and privacy.

          2. We go to CH every year for a four day vacation in early Fall with several couples. We always dine at the very best restaurants. Lately we have been trying different one's for various reasons. For years Penn Grill was our favorite. It is crowded and noisy but has excellent food. Some in our party of 8 did not like it as much on the 2006 visit. Tristan is very good. McCradys was also a favorite for many years but they have moved more to a cutting edge style which we don't like as much as the cuisine from the original chef. SNOB gets very good feedback from users.

            We are not sure where we will go in 2008. There are many good choices and it seems harder and harder to pick the absolute top shelf. My suggestion would be to browse the menus of the top places (PG, Tristan, Circa, Charleston Grill, etc) see what looks best to you. Good luck.

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              I don't really hear much about Circa...the rest are all great suggestions. Also look at FIG, Cypress, Carolina's and Muse.