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Dec 22, 2007 08:52 AM

Nashoba Brook Bakery-South End

Just walked by the place and there's a sign on the door that they're closing 12/23. Apparently they lost their lease and haven't come to terms anywhere else in the neighborhood. I'm disappointed. I liked stopping in this place for a sandwich every now and again.

Nashoba Brook Bakery Cafe
152 Commonwealth Ave., Concord, MA 01742

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  1. This really is sad. I love their breads.

    1. I am heartbroken! I've eaten there so many times in the past year that I can't even tell you! No other lunch place in the south end even compares! :,(

      1. Feel free to come on out to Concord for the bread and everything else; they are still right here and going strong. When they first opened they hired my then apartment-mate to run the counter, and they continue to be good friends and neighbors. If I hear of any relocation news I will pass it along.

        1. I hate to say it, but everytime I've gone there, I've gotten nothing but rude service. Their breads may be good, but I stopped going after being treated like dirt a few times. I also wasn't overly impressed by their bread. It was good, but not the best I've ever had. They certainly were not worth being treated poorly.

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            I am sorry to hear that your experiences at the shop were unpleasant. We must keep different hours, one things that kept me coming back, even after I moved, was that I found the staff quite pleasant - always a ready smile and frequent chats with one or two. Since it was out of the way, I was thrilled when our produce service began carrying their breads.

            1. re: vonwotan

              My friend actually had the same experiences I did and told me (I had never told him about my experiences and he said "you know I wanted to like going there, but I was treated w/ such attitude that I won't go back" to which I said "wow, ok, I thought maybe I was the only one this happened to"). It was just odd because I had not said a word about it to him and he'd echoed my sentiments. I don't think it was me, because I always have a smile on my face and always say something nice to people when I go into an establishment. I just got the bad seeds I guess. One girl working there couldn't be bothered to finish her conversation w/ the other employee and help me. I stood quietly and didn't say anything. I didn't moan, huff or anything. Finally she looked at me after about 5 minutes and said in a snotty tone "can I help you?" When I ordered she rolled her eyes as if I'd dared to interrupt her conversation wanting to buy something to eat. I had asked for toast and she gave me the two pieces of bread w/o toasting them. I said "um, I'm sorry, but I asked if I could have this toasted." She then sighed and threw it in the toaster. I felt like I should not have even asked. Another couple of times, I'd had similar service experiences which made me say "forget this!" I'd rather go over to the Berkeley Perk because they are nice and they have breads and such from other bakeries, probably including Nashoba's, but I don't get attitude. Plus, their coffee is great (The Perk's).

              1. re: BackBayGirl

                Wow. That's awful. If I had the same experience in any place I would certainly take my business elsewhere! There are plenty of good places around these days so the experience is very important. I am trying to learn the patience necessary to bake for myself. I'm becoming quite jaded and find that most restaurants fail to wow me these days. When I have a bit more to blow on the project I am hoping to find a really good kitchen designer to build a kitchen around me - I never seem to have enough counter space or storage... I would really like two ovens...

                1. re: vonwotan

                  Well, I won't rule out their Concord location. Maybe I just had bad luck at the S. End one.

                  I hear you with regard to baking. I do love to bake bread. It's very relaxing to me, but you have to have the time to actually do it...and the kitchen space. Living in my apartment in Back Bay, my kitchen space is quite small, but I make do. How I would LOVE a bigger kitchen area to bake.

                2. re: BackBayGirl

                  I have gotten sandwiches from there many a time and almost always had indifferent and sometimes rude service from the counter help.

                  I stopped going when accomodating a food allergy by omitting cheese from a sandwich became such a "chore" for them.

                  But it is sad to see little neighborhood places like this go away.

              2. re: BackBayGirl

                Honestly, I would have given them far more business had the help cared a little more. I had similar experience there. We really liked the turkey sandwich with shredded carrots and wasabi mayo, but three times they were missing an ingredient, and rather than mention that, they just made do with what they had...gave them 3 strikes and they struck out. Too bad, the concept was there, the exocution was off..

              3. I live a block from this bakery, and I was very unhappy at the news that it had closed. I have to say that I have never had a negative experience here as so many comments seem to indicate. In fact I recently had the best scone I've ever had at Noshoba. I was up early one Saturday and walked in about 5 minutes after the bakery opened. I had to wait about 10 minutes because they hadn't even had time to put change in the register, but my patience was rewarded with a still-warm, delicious cranberry-orange scone. It was the most buttery scone I've ever had, and the thought of not being able to roll out of bed on a gray Saturday morning for one ever again is distressing.

                I've also never had bad service when stopping by for a sandwich for lunch.

                But the scones.... sigh