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Oct 11, 2000 08:56 PM

Other LA Food Resources on Web?

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I'm in love with this message board but I'm greedy for more. Are there are any other message boards on the web that contain information on the LA dining scene? There seems to be a lot of NY restaurant information on the web, but not LA.

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  1. A pretty good resource, if you're simply looking for web sites for LA Restaurants, is There is no message board, however.

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    1. re: Wendy

      If you have access to an NNTP server (aka usenet or newsgroups), there is a newsgroup called `la.eats'. Lately the signal/noise ratio is high, but you can glean some useful information there. You could probably get it on (, but I feel it's a bit sluggish.

      I also look up the LA time's calendarlive page (,141...) which archives their reviews. Although I feel their regular restaurant reviewer is biased towards "scenesterish" places and I suspect she wears a shirt that says, "I am the LA Times Food Critic!" when she goes reviewing.

      But on the web, chowhound is the best.

      1. re: Kevin

        Citysearch just launched an L.A. website. Check out the restaurant reviews at

        It's still in the baby stage, but it has big plans.

        Full disclosure: I am the restaurant editor.

        1. re: Jane

          A useful restaurant review site for LA, where users can post reviews, is

          But there is no message board.

          1. re: Jane

            ...and it is always good to have another resource.

      2. Hello Donald

        If you're in love with the site, I'm surprised we've not heard from you before! You've not even signed up for our mailing list!

        But your sudden appearance and query has coincided perfectly with Citysearch's LA launch, so we're pleased you've presented Jane with a timely excuse to publicize her operation. Of course, we look forward to reciprocal mention of on the new LA Citysearch.


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        1. re: Harrison

          Thanks for the welcome! I have discovered the site fairly recently, so that's why I haven't posted. I'm a young lawyer in Downtown LA, and have had many opportunities to host recruiting lunches and dinners for job applicants. So I find resources like this board very helpful in deciding where to make reservations.

          I will make sure to look into the mailing list.

        2. Well, at the risk of blatant self promotion, I offer up the restaurant section of my new website: --- I have tried to assemble links all of the popular places, as well as some "sleeper" picks of my own. There is a message board there as well!


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          1. re: Bob

            I think you would do the readers of your Ultimate L.A. website a big favor by including a link to Chowhound's Los Angeles board. The restaurant list on your website provides links to the websites of the restaurants themselves. Although the restaurants' websites provide some information, they are by definition advertisements. Thus, I think your readers would benefit from the kind of independent assessments that Chowhound provides. I checked the message board on your website, but there were only five posts. Since you are obviously a Chowhound user yourself, why not share Chowhound with the readers of your website? Wouldn't this be a win-win?