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Dec 22, 2007 07:45 AM

Tai Tung

As an old school Seattle Native...(47 years and counting), we ventured into the International District last night for Chinese..........Many years ago, going to Tai Tung after skiing was a great tradition, and while I've been skiing a lot, I haven't been to out to Chinese in a long time. It was like nothing had changed-

Started with cocktails - my wife wanted an old fashoned - but they were out of bitters, so a gin martini stood in....I went for the exotic Singapore sling...a bit sweet, and it was tea for me the rest of the night.

BBQ Pork... very good, real pork, with actually some fat ! Very moist, Not like the usual dried out god knows how it got so pink on the outside stuff..........

Soup- Cabbage ? Celery ? - All I know is that it was hot, and had a wonderful deep flavor, and unexpected treat

Happy Family- Yes we were.... Brocolli and snow peas done to perfection, fine prawns, mushrooms and scallops and scallops, and well, the squid was there, not good, not bad, just there.

Chinese Style Crab (Black bean)...Too much fun, getting all messy ! Was quite nice, sauce could have been a bit hotter, and the crab a bit sweeter, but It was a great experience, and there was nothing bad or off about it...

My Son had combo plate #1 - which was perfect for his tastes - fine chicken noodle dish, an egg foo young which he wasn't so keen on, but looked fine to me, and then the perfect amount of pineapple spare ribs...

Total cost - $ 85 including 15% tip

So it wasn't wild ginger, or a hole in the wall pho place, but it sure hit the spot !!!!!!!!

All in all a great night

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  1. When I was a kid, we used to come to Seattle every year to visit my grandma and Tai Tung was always one of the stops while we were visiting. In fact, even after grandma died we always ate at Tai Tung whenever we'd come to Seattle. Then, I went a few years ago after I had moved here and it was horrible. I haven't been back since but I've always wondered if our bad experience was just a fluke, since we'd had so many years of good experiences there. I'm glad to hear it's good again - I'll be taking my parents there next time they visit.

    1. Tilt, Some places you just love even if they aren't the best in their catagory. For me, Tai Tung falls into that category. About two years ago, virtually all of the old guard that had worked at Tai Tung retired or passed on.(Peter, our favorite waiter, was in his late 80's last time I saw him; he has since retired.) There has been a dip in their quality and consistency, but I still value Tai Tung as a city treasure. They are the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city and the fact they have never remodeled their wood paneled, linoleum look makes the place even more special. Take that P F Chang's.

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        $85 for three sounds super steep for Tai Tung. They haven't gone upscale on us have they?

      2. Wow that brings back memories! I haven't been there in years, but my dad used to take me there after my doctor's appointments (i had alot due to a congenital heart condition) and i always loved the free cabbage soup...and now remembering the bbq pork makes me want to make a visit again...:o)

        1. Although I have passed by Tai Tung many times, I have never eaten there (native Seattleite). I always assumed that it was a chop-suey style Americanized Chinese restaurant. Were there any Chinese patrons present?

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          1. re: phizzak

            Phizzak, Yes, Tai Tung is very popular with Chinese Americans. And, true to tradition, they seem to enjoy a vast array of food options that don't appear on the menu.

            1. re: Leper

              I haven't been in ages, but there used to be a few dozen extra menu items up on the wall behind the bar, all handwritten in Chinese.

          2. Every time my buddy who lives in White Salmon comes up to stay at my place we hit the Tai Tung for old memories. We have been going there since 1964. Every 30 years, or so, they remodel it somewhat, but it is in need again. Free parking and good food can't be overlooked.

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            1. re: wwahl

              So here is my beef with Tai Tung. I parked in their lot with the intention of eating there. I stopped at one store on the way in and then I went and dined there. When I returned to my car, it was attached to a garbage can via a chain to my axle. I went back in and tried to explain what happened and three Chinese waiters began screaming at me in Chinese. Is this the mafia? Who do these guys think they are. I would love to sue those idiots for damage to my car.

              1. re: tstrum

                tai tung is notoriously protective of their parking lot...but they've never given me trouble after showing them a receipt from the restaurant.