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Oct 11, 2000 06:57 PM

slippery shrimp

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some pretty good chinese food at this place in chinatown. they have this dish called slippery shrimp. it pretty much kicks ass. the restaurant is called yang chow. it's on broadway in chinatown.

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  1. When I saw the words "slippery shrimp" I figured that it would relate to Yang Chow. You're right, it's a very good dish, although I haven't been to the Chinatown branch in many years.

    By the way, they also have a restaurant in Canoga Park on Topanga Canyon.

    Finally, their version of slippery shrimp seems to be most other restaurant's version of sweet and pungent shrimp.

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      Yang Chow's is the place for slippery shrimp. I just wanted to mention that they also have a restaurant in Arcadia off of the Michillinda exit on Colorado Boulevard.