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Dec 22, 2007 07:30 AM

Restaurants Along Route 38 in Woburn

I was traveling down Route 38 through Woburn early yesterday afternoon, and noticed a number of restaurants and other food spots I knew little or nothing about. I was wondering if anyone could help me with any of these places, as some of them looked pretty interesting. Thanks!

Thai Diner
Roast Beef Roundup
Pho 1

Sweet Spot Bakery
Ixtapa Cantina

New South End Cafe

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  1. I live on Montvale, behind the Center of Woburn, so I do know most of the restaurants here in town.

    Here is my view:

    Thai Diner - Very good food, fresh, small and byob
    Roast Beef Roundup
    Pho 1 - This is the real deal, very good.

    Bishop's - Awful
    Cousin's - I've only been for breakfast, local's eat here
    Sweet Spot Bakery - Indian bakery, not consistent
    Roma's - average bakery
    Ixtapa Cantina - brand new haven't been (chain)

    Fiorentino's - quirky, mostly good food, inconsistent, $$$$
    Giovanni's - was Italian, just changed hands, not impressed with the new owners menu change.
    New South End Cafe - Good sandwich place, I think they do breakfast too.

    There is a brazilian buffet,(across from CVS) right down town you might like. I keep meaning to go in, got some good reviews.

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    1. re: mcel215

      Thanks, mcel215. This is a big help. I did notice the Brazilian place in the center of town, as well as the bigger Brazilian restaurant in North Woburn. I'm hoping to try them both over the coming months.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        BTW, there is more than one Brazilian option in the center. Tudo Na Brasa is a small buffet and churrasco place with good quality food. Most of my Brazilian friends order from a place almost next door (I think around where the Gol market is??), possibly more for reasons of selection and perhaps delivery than quality but its a bit more popular than Tudo na Brasa. My Brother's place does a pretty good Brazilian X-tudo, although they don't always have everything to put on it. The Brazilian market south of the square heading towards Winchester also has snacks and on weekends "homemade food." Pizza Days (in Burlington) I think is the Brazilian pizza option in the area (probably no seats, just delivery?). Not certain if the Brazilian butcher (acogue) in the Center has anything as I'm not in the area that much.

        Churrascaria Rodeo is the one in North Woburn, which has changed ownership since most of the reviews. They have a full bar and had live music, but the food wasn't worth the price.

        Roma's seems better for sweets than savory, but they have a wider selection than many Italian/American bakeries.

        Your list didn't have Hot Breads the Indian bakery just outside the square which is absolutely worth a visit before Roma. Also the Indian convenience store up the hill above CVS (near the large parking lot) has decent, if greasy, samosas and other snacks which nicely warm you up.

      2. re: mcel215

        Just a couple of changes:

        Went to Roma's on Christmas Eve, for a last minute tiramisu. The line was long, and the tiramisu was amazing. The french bread was coming out of the oven and it was delicious!

      3. We recently went to Cousin's for breakfast. It didn't seem very clean. We were sitting at the counter and got to watch an employee running the dirty dishes and flatware through the dishwasher for a minute per load, unloading and starting over with the next load. We were there about 30 minutes and I don't think the dishwasher ever drained the old, dirty water or was run for the whole cycle.

        Love, love, love Pho #1.

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        1. re: saltedherb

          Yeah, I know it doesn't look so great, very old bldg.

          I only go about twice a year, but it's filled with locals.

          Too bad about your counter experience. Have you tried Frannie's in Winchester?
          Great little breakfast place, clean as a whistle too.

          1. re: saltedherb

            I finally made it over to Pho #1 and was really pleased. Reasonably priced, large portion of Pho, the beef plentiful, the noodles cooked properly and the broth excellent. I'll be going back.

          2. I've been to lunch at these two places a few times:

            NORTH WOBURN:
            Thai Diner - fresh, Americanized-thai; food reminds me of the Chinese/Thai place in Powerhouse Circle in Somerville
            Pho 1 - very nice soups, flavorful broths, sometimes their noodles disintegrate though.

            1. I can only respond about Roast Beef Roundup, which we discovered a year before we moved out of Woburn, sadly.

              We love this place. The people who worked there were really friendly, and the french fries are awesome. (They are thick-cut french fries, so they taste very potatoey.)

              The Angus burgers were great, roast beef sandwiches good, but when people came to our house and we got takeout from here, everyone wanted the fries. The workers here seemed quite fine with putting whatever you wanted (oil, vinegar, lettuce, tomato) on any sandwich, quite unlike one roast beef place I went to in Andover where you get roast beef slapped between two bread buns and nothing else.

              I think they also do pizza and subs.

              The restaurant itself is not nice-looking, although there are lots of interesting pictures of local people on the walls. Maybe a few booths, but this is more of a take-out place. Unless it's drastically changed in the last few years, it's well worth a stop if you're looking for a fast, but tasty, lunch.

              My husband and I are thinking about moving back to Woburn, and one of the pros that we discussed was that we would be closer to Roast Beef Roundup.

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              1. re: taterjane

                You're thinking of moving to Woburn so you can be closer to a roast beef place? I'm in awe of you both... :-D

                1. re: hiddenboston

                  The fries were THAT good. I didn't think good fries were that hard to find, but we have not found a place near us now that comes close. All I can hope is that the quality stays unchanged until we get a chance to try it again!

              2. Thought I'd mention one more place in the center - La Stanza Diva. On Main Street as you head towards Winchester. Quirky Italian place with really very good food. Funky decor (weirdly homey, with mismatched tablecloths, etc) and very friendly, cheerful service. The first time we went there, on a fairly busy Friday night, our twins were maybe five months old or so. I was feeding one of them when our food arrived, and our waitress said, "Oh, let me feed him! I have three kids, I know what I'm doing." So off she trotted with Theo and his bottle, wandering around the restaurant showing him off. After about ten minutes were beginning to think we'd never get him back! Very much the kind of place where if you've been there twice, you're a regular. We've had outstanding pasta dishes there (one serving is enough for about four people, but delicious), particularly the carbonara. My husband loves the chicken parmesan (OK, he's not the most adventurous eater), and I've had a great steak and an excellent shrimp dish there too.

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                1. re: ReluctantOperaChick

                  Well I was there a few times last winter, and although everything was great, I found it a tad expensive. I mean there is no atmosphere, quicks and all. And if you get great service one time, you find that they can be inconsistent with the service the next visit. If you go up to Stoneham, and go to Angelo's (the pizza side), you get amazing food (no atmosphere either) and much more reasonable prices. Just thought I would give you another Italian place to try.

                  1. re: mcel215

                    I love Angelo's and the food is much better than La Stanza Diva, though also more expensive. I don't agree about the atmosphere at Angelo's; yeah, the pizza side is just like any other pizza place, but the restaurant is fairly charming. Service tends towards the bizarre at times, as they tend to get local kids who are not exactly sure what they're striving for, but overall it's the best quality Italian food in the area.

                    1. re: ReluctantOperaChick

                      I love Angelo's restaurant side as well, but it's very expensive.

                      If you choose to, you can get a great dinner on the pizza side for a lot less money. During the summer, I had a caprese salad and a heavenly dish of pasta puttensca for under 20 dollars!

                      1. re: mcel215

                        A better, and less expensive place for excellent Italian food in Stoneham is Georgie D's Place. It is located at 499 Main St, at the intersection of Main and Marble Streets. They are open for lunch and dinner. And if you do not see what you want on the menu, you can ask the chef to make it for you.

                        1. re: RichardA

                          Love Georgie D's. Service is friendly and efficient Our server pointed us to a great bottle of wine, and was able to answer all of our menu questions. Did not say that everything was wonderful ( though everything was!) Portions are on the large size. On my next visit, we are going to either split and app and get two entrees, or get two apps and split an entree. Also love the valet parking. But make sure to make reservations.