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Indian Restaurant

Joan Winston Oct 11, 2000 05:24 PM

Can anyone recommend a great Indian restaurant on the West side of LA? Thanx in advance

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    Pepper RE: Joan Winston Oct 11, 2000 06:41 PM

    The only acceptable Indian restaurant on the Westside is Madhu's Dasaprakash on Santa Monica near Bundy. Southern Indian vegetarian food; one of the best places inthe Southland. Others will tempt you with tales of Bombay Cafe or All India, but heed them not.

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      Cindy RE: Pepper Oct 13, 2000 12:31 PM

      Try Nahwab on Wilshire in Santa Monica. I remember a good meal, very highly spiced, good service.

    2. j
      julia RE: Joan Winston Oct 13, 2000 04:28 PM

      I'm just a regular chick, not hyper knowledgable, but I've never had a bad meal at Akbar on Washington west of Lincoln (I believe there's a new Akbar on Wilshire in West LA, but I haven't tried it). It was delicious delivery, too, when I lived a few blocks away. And I love the samosas at Dhaba on Main Street in Santa Monica. I agree with Pepper on Bombay Cafe - although they have fun cocktails and great lighting, I really wasn't too swept away with the important thing: the food!

      But now I think I'll be off to check out Pepper's suggestion... see ya!

      1. h
        Harmony RE: Joan Winston Oct 18, 2000 03:44 PM

        Akbar on Wilshire (near 26th St.) in Santa Monica is fantastic--amazing food and wonderful service. I used to be a big fan of Bombay Cafe, but I think they packed some extra attitude during the move to the Pico location. The frankie and masala dosa are still tasty, but it's pretty difficult to get in on a weekend without a reservation. And if you do happen to get in, you'll get subtle Westside attitude and a lousy table by the door (it's happened to me twice). For my money, I'd rather be treated like a valued customer, the way they treat people at Akbar. Every dish I've tried there has been excellent. Enjoy!

        1. j
          jay weston RE: Joan Winston Oct 21, 2000 12:04 PM

          Bombay Cafe on Pico just east of Bundy is the best.

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            Larry RE: jay weston Oct 23, 2000 12:05 AM

            Not according to Indian people. Americans love it. Apparently it is not authentic but it is tasty.

            1. re: Larry
              JERZ RE: Larry Feb 11, 2001 09:00 PM

              Agreed! BOMBAY CAFE is not traditional Indian food, but rather a tasty version of it that is not to be missed, if you like food that is inspired. However, please don't go on a Saturday night--- you'll wait longer than you would like and the crush of the other impatient and hungry customers tends to be unnerving.

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