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Dec 22, 2007 07:16 AM

Chega - Never heard of it

We have friends who have reserved a table at Chega for tonight. There isn't any info on CH and even the internet doesn't have any info. It's at 3391 Yonge St, just south of the 401.

Does anyone know this restaurant and what can you tell me? What kind of food is it? Any good? Large or small?

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  1. It's about halfway between Lawrence and York Mills on the east side, close to where the Sailor's Dickie used to be located.

    I've walked by a couple times and looked at the menu- The food looks Italian/Mediterranean. It just opened a couple months ago, but it seems pretty popular. It's a pretty big space for the neighbourhood. I would guess they could seat at least 75 people.
    Haven't heard anything good or bad about the food.

    1. The food was good, not phenomenal - average. The clientele seems to be an older crowd (50+). There is no signage outside the resto. Apparently they are "so busy" they don't need a sign...

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        1. Tony Xavier had a restaurant on Elm St., just north on Yonge and Shepard. I liked the food there. Very fresh flavours. I knew he was going to move to a a new location but did not know the details.
          Now I just found out that the South African Wine Society will have their winter dinner there in February.

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