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Dec 22, 2007 07:09 AM

Steel wool on AllClad?

Last night I seared a bunch of steaks in my large stainless steel AllClad fry pan. Once done,, I was left with a pan that is coated with a layer of char. I've been scrubbing the pan with Barkeepers Friend and the char is coming off VERY sloooooowly.

Can I use steel wool to scrape off the layer of char? If not, any recommendations?


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  1. Steel wool away, Bartender's friend was never meant for that kind of job... it's a polish, not a scouring powder.

    1. I assume you probably already tried pouring some soap and water in and bringing it to a boil...?

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      1. re: optimal forager

        I would never use steel wool on my all-clad - especially since they say not to and you wouldn't want to void your warranty. Unfortunately, it's going to be slow going, but I agree that boiling some soap is where I'd first, then to a nylon scrubby and then back to BKF.

        1. re: grlwprls

          I kinda just did this, and all I did was pour boiling water in the pan, covered it, and washed it away in the morning...
          It came right up with just a Scotch scrubbie and a little fingernail action...

          I've even sprayed Easy Off in a pot and let it sit over-night when the steamer water ran out and potato water burnt into the bottom...

          Of course I washed and soaked real well afterwards...

          Sometimes I can't pronounce my R's real well but otherwise I'm fine...

          1. re: Mild Bill

            Another product that works quite well is Dawn Power Dissolver. This stuff works magic on crusted burnt on food. I usually try to clean was well as I can with soap and water and sponge. Then spray areas that didn't come clean and wait. This will melt off a lot of the hard to clean deposits. What's left I hit with BKF. All of my polished stainless have cleaned well with out the need for brillo. I don't want to scratch up the surface with the brillo.

      2. You do know that your pans are dishwasher safe, right? That usually takes care of a good stuck on mess for me... that's after a good overnight soak. Don't you have a scrubber sponge?

        1. I have found, while cleaning my copper, that many stains can be removed from stainless with vinegar and salt. I believe it is gentler than steel wool, even if you use it as a thicker scouring paste.