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Oct 10, 2000 08:28 PM

Fish Burritos

  • j

Was down in Ensenada recently and had some really good "Baja-style" fish tacos and burritos, i.e, lightly battered with a mayonnaise-based sauce. After crossing the border, I found that the same dishes in San Diego were just about as good. Oddly, of all of the Mexican restaurants I've been to in the LA-area, I have yet to find a place that serves even a reasonable facsimile.

Any suggestions (other than Island's, Baja Fresh, or Rubio's)? Thanks.

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  1. "senor fish" in eagle rock has great fish tacos...very close to those in ensenada (love the fish market down there!) i believe there is another location near dodger stadium too.

    - david

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    1. re: david

      The best--best!--fish tacos ih California are at Tacos Baja Ensenada, 5385 Whittier Blvd., in East Los Angeles, which whups Senor Fish and Rubio's with both fins tied behind its back. Awesome stewed stingray, too, either in tacos or in soup.

      You can stick with the suburban places, but you should know what you are missing . . .

      1. re: Pepper

        I haven't been (that'll change soon!) but I'd fully trust Pepper's advice...However, Los Siete Mares on Sunset near the Maltman/Michelortena (something like that--I can't properly remember that street name) strip is awesome. There's both a sit-down restaurant and "playa" area. The outdoor seating zone is a perfect way to grub fish tacos, relax, and watch the world go by...

        1. re: Jessica Ritz

          La Playita is a small stand on the west side of Lincoln Bl near Marine St on the SM/Venice border.
          There's always a line-but the wait is short.
          14 raw oysters for $7!
          Great seafood tacos, burritos, cocktails.
          The $3 Tostada Mixta is a full meal-a bowl of seafood w avocado and chips.

      2. re: david

        My vote for best fish taco goes to El Taco-Nazo, specifically the location in La Puente. They're located in a run-down strip mall, but can who cares when the tacos are $1.10!! Super authentic baja-style...

      3. j
        Justin Cropper

        The best fish tacos are at El 7 Mares on Sunset in Silverlake. The BEST.

        1. If you are in Long Beach, try Coco Reno's on Broadway corner of Redondo. It's a small taqueria attached to the Reno Room - a classic dive bar . They make great grilled fish tacos served with an avacado-corn salsa.

          1. I would suggest "Wahoo's Fish Taco" with locations in LA & Orange County and a few in Colorado. I lived on this place all through out college and still try to go several times a month. Order the fish taco's, grilled and blackened. On your next visit get the Maui Bowl. This bowl has sliced marinated meat on a bed of rice. Both dishes come with your choice of black beans or cajun spicy beans. I like them both. Their food is very fresh tasting and much better IMO than the other Baja style places.

            BTW: would love to know how to make the rice they use at Wahoo's, it's my favorite rice, although I have heard that Persian rice is even better. Hope to try some soon.


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            1. re: JMK

              I tried the Wahoo's in Manhattan Beach, and I am of the opinion that it is the worst restaurant in town, possibly the worst in the whole South Bay. The fish was dried out and overcooked, the salsa flavorless, and they were promoting a "seared mushroom quesadilla" that was composed of burned button mushrooms and cheese. I was there with a Mexican woman who was indignant about the idea that what they served might be mistaken for Mexican food. The other Wahoo's may be better, but I have never tried them after two experiences at this one, both awful.

              I had excellent food at 7 Mares on Sunset a few years ago, though I never had the fish tacos. I almost always ordered the Caldo 7 Mares, a splendid seafood soup.

              1. re: Richard Foss
                john kawakami

                They have them at the Seven Seas (El 7 Mares) in Lincoln Heights. I believe there are other outlets on Sunset, in Montebello, and elsewhere.

                I don't think they are *that* good. Senor Fish uses better ingredients. But, I keep going back for them, and they use enough batter so that you can taste it.

                I don't think they do the grilled or blackened fish thing, but they definitely do the batter fried, with a cabbage and tomato garnish.