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Dec 22, 2007 06:09 AM

Menu planning help? snack for my parents who are arriving early?

My husband and I are spending Christmas day with his family and then we are hosting both our families on boxing day at our house.

Now since my parents and sister/niece etc won't have seen us on Christmas day I've told them to come early (1:00pm) so we can do our gift exchanging before the husbands brood arrive at 3. My problem is since my family lives more than 2 hours away they will have left their homes around 10:30-11 am and will not have eaten anything since breakfast.

I've got my menu for the rest of the day planned:
-artisan cheese plate of Canadian cheeses with dried fruits and pears, cured meats/olives, breads, crisps and spiced nuts.
-Roast pork with braised red cabbage, butternut squash, spinach salad with pomegranites and pumpkin seeds and a rice pilaf.
-Chocolate honey cake and assorted baking.

We'll be eating early - 4:30-5 so the seniors can get home and not be on the road to late.

In the past I've put out baking, sweet breads and coffee when my family arrives for the gift exchange but I'm hoping to do something different/special for them this year - I'd also like to do some sort of protein for them so it's not carb city.

But we have a huge meal and tons of appies planned for the rest of the day so don't want anything too big either otherwise we'll just have to roll everyone out at the end of the night!

Any suggestions? Luckily my family loves food and are not picky at all!

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  1. You know, shana, after a long drive, I myself would rather have something light. I've not been active, so I just want something to boost the blood sugar and fill the hole in the tummy. Some cut fruit with a dip, or maybe even a fruit soup/pluma moos, as was discussed a few weeks back..served with a not too sweet cookie, or biscuit, would be just the thing. Not too rich and not too sweet, and not too much trouble, as I'm sure you are already up to your ears. Maybe that interesting kielbassa recipe that was posted a few days back, where it would be mashed and mixed with a few ingredients and stuffed into a long, hollowed out baguette. I'm making that, but using small, shorter buns for the easy of prep, and I'm making one using a different filling..I've not decided what, yet.


    1. Another idea would be a nice quiche. I suggest bacon, broccoli and cheddar. That would be nice and those who are hungrier could have a bigger slice. That with some sliced fruit or a light green salad would be nice, I think.

      1. I like the quiche idea - especially if you have time to do mini quiche (why does everything taste better small?). One thing that sprang to my mind was deviled eggs - maybe fancier than usual with dill and smoked salmon? That would look Christmasy too.

        1. Shana, how about mugs of tomato soup with toast or crackers, coffee and a cookie or two? That would take the edge of any hunger and they will still be ready for your lovely meal at 4:30 (your menu sounds wonderful).

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            I was thinking something along these lines, too. Soup is so comforting after a long drive, in the winter, especially. I'd consider putting out half of that artisan plate early and replenishing it when other guests arrive.

            1. re: chowser

              Soup is exactly what I was thinking of too. Because it seems like a meal, not just a snack, but could still be light and not rich. The tomato soup sounds really good. Or look at the parsnip soup on epicurious. The one with chestnuts on top. Not rich at all and a little different.

              But the tomato is probably easier and will fill the bill. Just with some bread for dipping.