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Wondering about Match burgers & martinis

I'm having a birthday dinner for my roommate in a couple of weeks, and wanted to know what everyone thought of match. It looks great, but i can't tell.

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  1. trying to be more scene than anything else. never heard of anyone going there specifically for the food. if you want Chow, look elsewhere.

    1. I haven't been in a long while but don't remember it fondly. Poor service, so so food and sugary martinis. I'm not a fan.

      1. Yes, a medium rare burger and a dry gin martini is a perfect match!

        What? Oh, nevermind.

        1. Overpriced (especially drinks), with sub-par food. Too bad because the atmosphere and interior are great. Can get a better burger at any chain restaurant I am afraid.

          1. Since you're posting on Chowhound about this, I have to assume you have good taste :-)
            Match is not what you're looking for if you're a 'hound. It's potentially a fun "scene" for a birthday party, but the food, service, and drinks are really nothing to write home about....

            1. Mini burgers should be called miniscule burgers. Drinks are weird and overpriced.

              I suggest going to Sonsie, around the corner. or for a fun, lively scene Tapeo for tapas and sangria.

              1. I really love the drinks and burgers at Washington Sq. Tavern. If you were specifically hoping for a good drink & burger combo, you will find it there. They apparently also have excellent beer and veggie burger, though I've not tried them.

                1. Their burgers really aren't *that bad* - the lamb burger is actually pretty darn tasty. I absolutely abhor their drinks - including something possibly rimmed with pop rocks, if I remember correctly. Sugary to the point of headache. I also quite like their pan-seared cookie for dessert. It is sceney in a BU senior-week type of way, if that's your thing.

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                    I too thought the lamb burger was great but they *are* tiny.

                  2. more of a place to be seen at than anything else.
                    the interior and atmosphere is really hip but, as everyone else has already said, the food and drinks are overpriced and not worth it.

                    Great place to meet up after work for a drink and then head out someplace else....

                    1. Make sure you don't order a Manhattan - they will add vermouth in proportion to their usual methods of mixing sweeti-tinis. Ick!