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Dec 22, 2007 06:07 AM

Wondering about Match burgers & martinis

I'm having a birthday dinner for my roommate in a couple of weeks, and wanted to know what everyone thought of match. It looks great, but i can't tell.

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  1. trying to be more scene than anything else. never heard of anyone going there specifically for the food. if you want Chow, look elsewhere.

    1. I haven't been in a long while but don't remember it fondly. Poor service, so so food and sugary martinis. I'm not a fan.

      1. Yes, a medium rare burger and a dry gin martini is a perfect match!

        What? Oh, nevermind.

        1. Overpriced (especially drinks), with sub-par food. Too bad because the atmosphere and interior are great. Can get a better burger at any chain restaurant I am afraid.

          1. Since you're posting on Chowhound about this, I have to assume you have good taste :-)
            Match is not what you're looking for if you're a 'hound. It's potentially a fun "scene" for a birthday party, but the food, service, and drinks are really nothing to write home about....