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Dec 22, 2007 05:36 AM

What to do with Italian Pandoro Cake (Trifle?)

My mother bought two Italian Pandoro Cakes at Big Lots, and now I have these two big red boxes with no idea what to do with them. I am thinking of a dessert for Christmas. One of them is the plain cake (kind of like Panettone without the fruit), and the other has strips of Hazelnut filling. The only thing I can come up with is trifle, but all of the trifles I have had in the past have been lackluster. Does anyone have a dessert idea, or a really really good trifle recipe?

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  1. What about some yummy Tiramisu?

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      What about French Toast on Christmas morning?

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        I was going to suggest bread pudding, but french toast is a great idea!

    2. Cool. I was looking up some pannetone information and came up with this information

      Serve Pandoro (golden bread) cut horizontally so it has a star-shape and “napped with cream or served with a sauce made from mascarpone, champagne, melted chocolate or whipped cream. Sometimes the top is hollowed out and filled with iced cream, zabaglione or other tasty fillings"

      There's a few more idea's in the links here that probably can be applied to panadoro.

      Panettone rules … how to select and eat Toni’s bread (pan del Ton)

      It might be nice to do something with the star shape in terms of plating.

      1. Does it come in the big cellophane bag with the packet of powdered sugar? You're supposed to dump the sugar into the bag, then shake the whole thing up. I love it just as is with coffee for breakfast around Christmas time! I'll miss it this year because I'm not going to Italy.

        1. I was looking up what Pandoro looks like and came across this dessert which looks great. It's in Italian but you might be able to make it out (it makes sense to me but I've had Latin). Maybe someone could translate it.

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            Basically, in a nutshell, here it is:
            Slice pandoro horizontally.
            Make filling by putting a cut up torrone in your food processor; add mascarpone cheese. icing sugar, vanilla and orange peel (candied) or fresh zest.

          2. These all sound like great ideas. What is a torrone? Also, what would you think to using this as a base for a rum cake. Basically, take this cake and just pour a bunch of rum on it? The reason I did not want to just serve it as is, is I am afraid it would be lost on my in-laws who I am cooking for. I thought if I turned it into something more recognizable for them, they would not stare at it blankly : ) I love the idea of a tiramisu. I have never actually tasted the cake before, does it have the same texture as a ladyfinger?

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              It is not a cake ... it is bread. It is not like ladyfingers at all. Think babka and pannetone.