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Dec 22, 2007 05:18 AM

Vegetarian Option for DC Restaurant Week?

Are there any great vegetarian options on the DC Restaurant Week list?


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  1. my husband is a vegetarian and we are going to Hook and Restaurant K. It looks like there are plenty of options on the regular menu, so we'll see.

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    1. re: startsev

      That would be if you are vegetarian that eat fish. Otherwise there is close to nothing on the menu.

      Usually Butterfield 9 does a good job with vegetarians. Dino as well. I would double check with their RW menu though to make sure there are options for you.

      From what I hear Rasika is good for vegetarians and they are particpating in RW. I've never tried it before but hear good things and am considering it for RW.

      1. re: Elyssa

        My husband and I are both lacto-ovo vegetarians and had a delicious dinner at Dino last year. There were many, many veggie options and everything was prepared well.

        The kickass wine list doesn't hurt, either.

    2. Check out Farrah Olivia's menu. As the Washingtonian notes, Morou has imagination and depth with vegetables. Website info.

      1. In the past, my vegetarian friends have found options at Bombay Club and Spezie. Both meals were great for RW.