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Any great places open on Christmas day?

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Me and a chow-loving friend are meeting up at Draught House on Christmas Day, but will need a good dinner beforehand.

Leaning more toward Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian. Anyone know of a good place that will be open Christmas Day (at least for dinner)? I don't mind calling to check, but I wanted to narrow my search first.

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  1. I've not eaten at Kobe Steakhouse, so I can't attest to whether they're "great" or not, but I noticed a sign up yesterday stating they would be open Christmas Day and New Year's Day.


      1. Shanghai is doing dimsum cart service from 11-12:30 on Christmas Day. It's our favorite dim sum in Austin!

        1. I just did a drive-by... Din Ho and Pho Van are both open today. Sunflower is not.

          1. We ended up at Shalimar. Delicious daal goat and chicken biryani. Place was packed!!

            1. El Arroyo Tex Mex on 5th and Campbel is open at 5pm.

              El Arroyo
              1624 W 5th St, Austin, TX 78703

              1. Fortune will be doing Dim Sum and some special dishes. If I was in town, that's where I'd be headed.