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Oct 9, 2000 06:39 PM

Gems, just below the Radar??

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Can anyone recommend any hidden gems, not necessarily new, that are just below the radar? An example would be 5 Dudley Street which is charming and delicious and unique but not everyone already knows about it. NOT an example would be Serenata which is a gem, to be sure, but commonly known. Suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. This is so obviously a matter of personality that I hesitate to reply, but what about Gennaro's on N Brand in Glendale. It's not in any of the guides I have seen; it's been there for years, and it's unusually good for an unknown. It's much better than the well-known Fresco and it gives a hint of Valentino's and Posto in its homier version of alto palato. Very cozy and comfortable. They will also make anything you ask for, and do it well, at prices far less than Valentino (though not exactly cheap).

    1. You're in the right place. That's what Chowhound is all about. If you read all the information on the Los Angeles board (and the other boards as well), you'll find lots of "gems" that don't show up in the usual sources of information--e.g., books, magazines, and newspapers. The posts cover many different types of food (Thai, Korean, Iranian, barbecue, etc.) and different neighborhoods, even specific dishes (burgers, etc.)