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Restaurants in the New Year...

threads on New Year resolutions and restaurant reviews prompted me to scour my Zagat and I came up with a list of local restaurants (only 24!) that I vow to try in the New Year. Anyone have any other recommendations or opinions on these? Thanks!

A'Mangiare -- Elmsford
Barnstormer -- Newburgh
Big W's BBQ -- Wingdale
B4 Bistro -- Valhalla
Brickhouse -- Marlboro
Da Vinci's Cafe -- New Rochelle
Ebb Tide -- Portchester
80 West -- White Plains
Eveready Diner -- Hyde Park
Holy Smoke -- Mahopac
Il Teatro -- Mamaroneck
Iron Horse Grill -- Pleasantville
La Fontanella -- Pelham
La Lanterna -- Yonkers
Nessa -- Portchester
Ocean 211 -- Stamford
Ripe -- Mount Vernon
Ruby's Oyster Bar -- Rye
Rowayton Seafood -- Rowayton
Spaccarelli's -- Millwood
Sterling Inn -- New Rochelle
Sushi Nanase -- White Plains
Winfield's -- Greenwich
Zitoune -- Mamaroneck

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  1. Freelance Cafe--------Piermont, NY
    Xavier's, the more formal restaurant adjacent to Freelance
    These are all Peter Kelly's restaurants.
    Restaurant X in Congers is another one of his restaurants..............it can be spotty.

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      Fraiche- Fairfield, CT
      Market Place- Stamford, CT

    2. ferrante (stamford) for lunch. prosecco to start. split an antipasto with your favorite lunch friend and share your pastas. pricey and good.

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      1. re: steve h.

        Thank you all for the recommendations. I've been to X and X20 for brunch, but would like to try them for dinner.

      2. On Sterling Inn (because I live nearby) I'd save my money for the next restaurant that comes in to that spot after they inevitably fail. What can you say about a restaurant that charges an arm and a leg for o.k. continental food while they play "La Vie En Rose" on a continual loop? But they've bought a lot of good press.

        1. delores, it has not hit the media yet...they recently opened quietly...but I believe the new Casa Brusco in Eastchester deserves a visit. I am sure we'll be hearing a great deal about it...

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            Thanks, addictedtolunch, I'll cross them off then. That spot seems to be the kiss of death to all those who came after....? I can't remember their name but they were there for years and years.

            GR, where is Casa Brusco exactly? Thank you.

            1. re: dolores

              delores, Casa Brusco is located at the same spot that previously housed Edmondo's...219 Main St., Eastchester (346-5170)...Have a merry!

            2. re: gutreactions

              About Casa Brusco in Eastchester, just went there on Saturday night. I have to say, from the hostess who chatted with us while we waited for friends to arrive, to the knowledgeable and thoughtful waiter (Sean) to the delicious lamb and pasta bolognese.....this place will be a winner!!

            3. you will not be disappointed by the eveready diner! still has mostly diner food, but it is delicious! favorites are definitely the disco fries with all the fixings and gravy on the side, all desserts are great, and my personal favorite is the reuben, which is delicious.

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              1. re: radioactivebetty

                Thanks, GR, I now have Casa Brusco on my list...and Sterling Inn off it.

                radioactivebetty, I look forward to the Eveready, I love good diners. No chance they have chicken fried steak, is there?

                1. re: dolores

                  http://www.theevereadydiner.com/ Looks like they don't, but there are lots of other good choices. I don't think the Daily Planet has it either www.dailyplanetdiner.com/

                  1. re: chowdom

                    chowdom, if there were a truck stop local to White Plains, I would be there now. Since first tasting chicken fried steak and grits and real biscuits, I'm hooked. I can't properly duplicate any of them myself, either.

                    The items look good at Eveready -- I've been to Daily Planet and like them.

                    1. re: dolores

                      I think Tyler Florence devoted an entire episode of food 911 to chicken fried steak with several sides, not sure if he made grits, but almost positive he included buscuits, My hubby is a fan of this dish as well, and orders it when he sees it on a menu. I'll let you know when we come accross it again.

                      1. re: dolores

                        Dolores - I love Chicken Fried steak. Surprisingly, the best I've had was at a Cracker Barrel on the way home from Baltimore. I was in a bad mood, didn't want to stop driving and then got outvoted by the ladies in the car. So glad I did. It was smothered in what they call a Sawmill Gravy. Serv ed with fresh biscuits (I'm not a bread person, I made the exception for this). it's also served with three vegetables or sides. If I remember correctly I had fried okra, hasbrowns, and green beans. The best part about this was the fact that we waited 45 minutes and I didn't want to leave!

                        I have made it myself, sans the biscuits and okra, and it came out pretty good. I simplified the whole process by using cube steak. I actually used a chicken gravy but added some flour to thicken it up. Came out pretty good!

                        1. re: jhopp217

                          jhopp217, I've had biscuits and gravy at a Cracker Barrel, but never the chicken fried steak. There's actually a CB within driving distance, I'll have to remember this. Thanks.

                2. new bastainich place in portchester/greenwich

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                    Reporting in, in the New Year:

                    Zitoune. They're making do with a closet sized place, but the food is outstanding.

                    Only being somewhat facetious, but I am not really happy when I can put my arm around the person at the next table. To their credit, I called an hour before dinner to get a reservation, luckily we eat early. Oh, and you have to turn sideways to leave.

                    Even given that, the drink was perfect, and the bread was unbelievable. I wish I knew what kind of bread it was. It came with an olive spread, but the bread outdid the spread in deliciousness.

                    I had the codfish nuggets to start, and Mr. D. had the shrimp cigars. Both were hits. Oh and Mr. D. is skittish about 'unusual' restaurants.

                    I then had the sardine appetizer -- careful that pan they come in is very hot -- and Mr. D. had the mixed grille. Again, both hits except that the grille had something squishy and funky in the salad that the server pronounced almonds. Hmmm, okay, but not like any almonds I've ever seen.

                    The dessert........sigh. My yogurt Raibi was perfect and the Moroccan coffee was a delightful experience. The Briwat was very good too.

                    Overall, I highly recommend Zitoune, but bring friends, it will be a much more wonderful experience.

                    1. re: dolores

                      delores, at Zitoune the lagniappe of house made tapenade usually is served with flavorful anis-infused bread...and it is quite good as you say!

                      1. re: gutreactions

                        Anis? Interesting. In addition to the taste, GR, the texture was lovely. A nicely hard crust with a soft inside.

                        If there were just three more inches between the tables, it would have been perfect.

                    2. We would like to try Old Schoolhouse? & Jean Louis in CT. If you're looking to travel a little, you have to try the Basement Bistro in Greene County... It will change your opinion of what a restaurant can be.

                      1. Iron Horse Grill - by all means...worth every expensive penny.

                        1. The Inn at Erlowest, Bolton Landing (Lake George). Dale Miller the former chef at Jack's Oyster House in Albany is there now. Since he was the chef at one of the top Albany restaurants it might be interesting to see what he does at Erlowest. Might make a nice overnight.

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                          1. re: financialdistrictresident

                            Interesting additions, thanks all.

                            I'm off for a tasting menu at Sunset Grille this pm, it should be fun.

                            1. re: dolores

                              And it was. I heartily recommend the Tuesday night tasting menu to all within walking or driving distance.

                              Charlie at the bar made an outstanding pomegranate martini, as per their usual. We lingered at the bar for a good long while, enjoying the (free) chips and salsa. Yes, parking is also free. The company was good, as was the conversation.

                              We finally decided to sit down, and we settled up at the bar. My drink was brought to my table for me. Nice touch, don't you think?

                              When I told Edwin our server that I had been in contact with chef Greg Courtelyou, he let him know. It was soooo nice to finally meet Greg and thank him for his outstanding meals. He is personable and dedicated to his cuisine.

                              A surprise to both my companion and myself....not only was wine included with each course, but a pomegranate martini initiated the meal! The meal included:

                              --sopa de fideos, a chicken and tomato broth with noodles. I don't usually like soup, but this was excellent.
                              --tortas de queso con chile rojo. I love cheese, so I ate every bite of this dish!
                              --pollo placero con morisqueta. At this point, even I was getting full, so I brought this home to hubby, who happily dined on it.
                              --empanadas de manzana, apple turnovers with cinnamon crema. As per my usual, my favorite part of the meal.

                              Oh -- the two of us 'thought' we were not gringos, so we asked for THE hottest sauce in the house. After one taste of the habanero sauce, we found out -- we are gringos.

                              Chef Greg came out once again, and we chatted some more. We'd both like to see the Tuesday tasting menu being enjoyed by a full house, but perhaps it was the January doldrums? When one considers all the dishes and all the wine, for a price of $35. a person...yes, only $35. a person...how can one go anywhere else on a Tuesday night?

                              Thank you to all at Sunset Grille for making the evening a perfect dining experience.

                              1. re: dolores

                                On Ripe in Mount Vernon.

                                I had anticipated trying this place for a long time, and, sadly, was underwhelmed. The ambience is small and cozy, kind of funky and fun. I think the kitchen is bigger than the restaurant, if the exterior is any evidence. We were there on a Sunday, and the place was nicely crowded.

                                We waited (me, I waited patiently imagine?) an inordinate amount of time for our drinks and then mine wasn't perfectly made. The house punch is quite delicious, though. There is no bread put on the table, it appears there is a charge for bread, and I heartily dislike that. No, I didn't 'buy' any bread.

                                The two appetizers I had were quite good, and they were paced nicely. I had the plantain boat to start, a medley of shredded codfish with a sauce in a steamed plantain. I then had spring rolls, with more codfish and while they were tasty, the quesadilla at neighboring (very neighboring) tables looked a better choice.

                                Hubby had the spring rolls to start, and the notable jerk rib eye. They were out of french fries, so he had beans and rice with it. He pronounced it very good.

                                I quite like the mood of the place, it appears much friendlier than say Zitoune. I just wish Ripe had bread on the table and a faster drink to table ratio.

                                I can't say that I will return.