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Dec 22, 2007 12:26 AM

French macaroons in SD?

I had been hoping to get some from Opera while here (home for the holidays!), but was sad to see that they are closed for now. Does anyone have recs for other places in the area where I can find yummy French macaroons? Thanks!

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  1. You can still get them from their wholesale location, just call them up and place your order by phone, and you can pick them up. I think they are in Mira Mesa now -

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    1. re: Alice Q

      Someone has a booth at Kobey's Swap Meet with Opera pastries. I had one of their teacakes for breakfast this morning, as a matter of fact. Didn't see macaroons, but I wasn't looking for them either.

      1. re: phee

        It would be nice if they would sell at the Farmers' Markets - especially Hillcrest. There is another patisserie there, but it's not nearly as good, unfortunately.

    2. Does anyone know where you can get St. Emilion style macaroons? They differ from the most you'll see in that they're a bit lighter and fluffier (almost like a snickerdoodle) with an almond base rather than being a dense coconut cookie.

      1. Hi Jen, There is a new place for macarons that opened a few moths ago in Beverly Hills. I don't remember the name, but it was written up in the LA Times. The woman is a French Ex-pat whose husband is the chef. They are quite good, but not as amazing as the ones from Lauderee' in Paris. Good Luck! Jet

        1. Just to add to this - the retail shop is open again downtown, they are opening a new shop soon in Sorrento Valley, and they sell macaroons through their wholesale outlet - just contact them thru