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Dec 22, 2007 12:13 AM

Salerno Anise cookie recipe?

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things about Christmas was that my mom would buy the Salerno brand anise cookies from the store. In recent years the Kebler company bought the product and changed the recipe. Now the cookies suck! I was wondering if anyone 1) knows the cookies I am talking about and 2) if anyone has a recipe that tastes like them. Thanks for your help. your saving my christmas. lol

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  1. I think you might be talking about Jingles-- I felt the same way about them. I don't think it was an issue with the product, but the NAME. Kebler insisted that they owned the right to the name Jingles and put it on their own supposedly similar product. I agree that they were vastly inferior. The good news is that Salerno still makes the cookies-- They just have a new name: SANTA'S FAVORITES Anise Flavored Cookies. Santa's Favorites is not as catchy a name as Jingles, but I'm glad to say that the cookies, at least, are the same. (And in my family we still call them Jingles.) The package even says "Original Holiday Recipe." Unfortunately, due to the date of this reply, 3 months after your original post, even if you see it, you will not be able to try them for months. Hope you do get this and try them next season. Best wishes! (P.S. I still have half a box remaining... Sorry I can't share-- Aren't they good with hot chocolate or tea?)

    1. I also am desperate for a recipe. As far as I can tell, Salerno is gone for good (and along with jingles go the original butter cookies too!!!), and the parent companies are gone, and the Nabisco knock offs are an abomination.

      This is the true war on Christmas.

      1. I was frantic last christmas! I am from the Chicago area, and Salerno Bakery just shut down and stopped shipping. No notice - even store managers were suprised.

        Whoa is me, I just lamented and checked out blogs.

        YIPPEE!! I am happy to report I just bought a box of "Salerno" "Santa's Favorites" at the local Meijers on November 6, 2010. The new bakery is "LANCE" in Charlotte, NC.

        AND THE TASTE IS THE SAME AS WHEN I WAS A KID! Ahhhhhhhhh, memories!

        The tradition will carry on and now my grandkids ( when they come- cause my kids are teens now) will be passed on.

        Maurice Lennel was another great bakery that skipped out of Chicago area, they make some, but were not as good, but very close in a pinch, and I did enjoy those.(you can mail order)

        Keebler's Jingles Ok in a pinch as well, but Maurice's are better.