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Dec 21, 2007 10:14 PM

"Cold-smoked" Wild Salmon in Seattle

Some relatives of mine have requested that I bring them some "cold-smoked" Wild Salmon aka Lox. They live in Honolulu and I'm visiting over the Christmas holiday. The only brand that I've tried is the Echo Falls Wild Sockeye from Ocean Beauty Seafoods. It was excellent with just the right amount of smoke, but I'd like to know if any Hounders are sworn to a particular brand or fish market. It has to be wild and it has to be sliced + packaged for travel. I've heard good things about Loki and Portlock, but have yet to try them.

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  1. go to a metropolitan market,whole foods,or possibly pcc and look for the g&d brand of lox. locally made and fantastic. the g is for gerard perrat ex owner chef of the late great gerards restaurant and the d is for dominique place of the late great dominique's place restaurant. you won't be sorry and you can thank me later.

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      Is the G & D brand wild salmon? For some reason I didn't think it was.

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        I don't think it is either. And it's Atlantic salmon to boot. I've had both and I prefer the Echo Falls Wild Alaskan. Fantastic flavor.

    2. Portlock is good. They have a retail store on Market and about 30th in Ballard.

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        2821 NW Market St., (2 blocks E the Ballard Locks). Hope for good weather so you can take an hour or three and wander the locks and the great plant collection there.

      2. Thanks for all the input. I ended up buying Loki Wild Sockeye and G&D Kanakanak Wild Alaskan King, both from Madison Market. Prices were identical at $8.99 per 4 oz package. Both variations received rave reviews from my tropical relatives. I was able to sample my NW treats at a family Holiday party. Overall, the Loki was milder in flavor, while the G&D had a bold smokiness to it and was saltier than the Loki. It's a close call, but I prefer the G&D.

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