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Dec 21, 2007 08:25 PM

Different variations of Carne Asada

i was just wondering if it is a regional thing or just a different take on a wonderful thing, but there seems to be many types of carne asada. if you look up recipes you will find everything from flank steak seasoned with salt and pepper to varations of marinades with tons of ingredients. i once made some based off a recipe i found and remember adding beer, cumin, garlic, orange juice, onion, and a few other goodies and it came out well. i recently bought a couple pounds from a local mexican grocer that was already prepared and was covered in a bright red rub that was equally good, but tasted completely different. i can't find the old recipe i had and am interested in what made up the mysterious red color from the butcher so i'm looking for any recipes that have been tried and work well. i know they sell carne asada seasoning in grocery stores, but that's just too easy and i doubt tastes like the real thing.

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  1. Thin cut meat (beef or pork) marinated in a red rub is usually called 'adobada' or 'en adobo'. I think ancho chile is the usual main component, though other medium hot chiles might be used. At least that is what I've encountered in Chicago and Seattle.

    I think of carne asada (grilled meat) as having simpler flavoring, S&P, or a lime marinade.