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Dec 21, 2007 06:45 PM

solo diner in brussels, bruges, antwerp?

Any suggestions for a solo woman diner in Brussels, Bruges or Antwerp? I love hearty stews and seafood--classic Belgian fare. I prefer not to have any wildly extravagant meals that will last hours, and don't imagine I'll be making reservations any place, but I do want to have delicious food!

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  1. I was in Brussels last spring. Most of the restaurants I visited were friendly. I dined alone a few meals, since my companion and I had different itineraries planned. Comme Chez Soi is definitely a great french restaurant. If you do want to have one high end meal, I would recommend checking it out.

    However, you mention you like classic Belgian fare. Keep in mind, many of the restaurants in Brussels offer French fare. In that case, I would recommend the following:

    Bleu de Toi - very inviting and reasonably priced;
    Aux Armes de Bruxelles - Serves traditional Belgium cuisine;
    Au Stekerlapatte
    Eetcafe Het Warm Water - Try this place for Brunch
    Le Pain Quotidien - Good soup

    I hope this helps. Have fun!!!

    1. I would take the oppertunity to try one of the restaurants that specialise in Goose Liver.There are a number of them around and this is the place to try it.I visited one in Brussels whose name escapes me, but was delighted.Later on I went to L'Atome,which is a busy bar /cafe/brasserie which I also returned to on many visits through the city.

      1. We had a great meal at Falstaff in Brussels. It wasn't a bad deal getting the prix-fixe menu, and it is a beautiful cafe done in Art Nuveau/Art Deco style with lots of history.

        I can't remember the names of the places we ate in Bruges, but all were really good. I do suggest you get some frites with mayo from the guy that has his cart right in front of the bell tower in the Grote Markt...They were fantastic!

        1. If you are up for it, visit Gent- its on the way to Bruge and is so charming. There is a small cafe on the canal that servers only a few dishes, and one is the best Waterzooi- a hearty seafood stew so its perfect for you! I mean it is so tasty and chock full of goodies, fish and shrimp and veggies and oh my, I need to go and get some. It is on the Graslie, the last one on the end before the bridge. Sorry I don't recall the name. Very low key and lovely.

          1. I just went to Amsterdam, Bruges, and Antwerp in December.

            In Bruges, a great snack restaurant for a bite for lunch is Miramar on Mariastraat. If you walk up and down Mariastraat you'll run into it (and Bruges is very small and very walkable so that's easy to do).

            In Antwerp, a wonderful place for dinner is a place called the Bistro. I forgot the name of the street it's on, but it's just off the main road you walk down from the train station to the old city. It's also right next to Reubenshuis so that might be a good point of reference. Hope you enjoy it!

            And, I highly regret not trying the mussels while in Belgium so I'd recommend trying them there. They're supposed to be fantastic and both cities I went to were swarming with restaurants that served mussels (moules).

            Enjoy your trip!