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Dec 21, 2007 06:17 PM

(MSP) New places since the summer?

I am a student returning to the city for a while and curious if any new places of note have opened since August. Anything worth visiting while I am back?

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  1. Nick & Eddie, Red Stag Supper Club and Meritage come to mind.

    1. There are 3 places that seem to have some buzz in SW Minneapolis: Cafe Maud (may have been open when you were here), Heidi's, and Blackbird Cafe. I've only been to Blackbird where I've had pleasant but not extraordinary meals. Heidi's is supposed to be very good. Cafe Maud is very busy, but I don't know anything about the food.

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        Thanks! I went to both Cafe maud and blackbird before I left in August. I enjoy the neighborhood aspect of Blackbird, however friends said it has gone down. I went to Red stag last evening. The food was pretty good, service was awful. We had a 2 and half hour dinner. I think the price points could be lower. The lightening was the worst I have ever seen.

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          Hey, I am coming back through again. Anything new and noteworthy?

          1. re: chadradchad

            Porter and Frye. Saffron. Run, don't walk.

            1. re: cheeseguysgirl

              Meritage and The Strip Club, if you swing that way. (and by that way i mean st paul)

              1. re: tex.s.toast

                I went to Saffron last summer and loved it! I also went to Meritage for a New Years Day Brunch and it was excellent. Porter and Frye, is that in the Ivy?

                1. re: chadradchad

                  That's the one.

                  Porter and Frye
                  1115 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

                  1. re: bob s

                    If I were to ran these for you based on my experiences, I'd go with:

                    Porter and Frye
                    Nick and Eddie

                    I'm interested to try Aronas. It just opened in the old Vino 610 space on Lake/Lyndale. I am planning to catch a movie at the Lagoon on Thursday so I'll post a mini-review on Friday. I always loved that room as it reminds me of some of the smaller cafes/wine bars/restaurants that I've seen while traveling on the East Coast and in Europe. Hopefully, the food will be better in this incarnation.

                2. re: tex.s.toast

         made me snort my veggie sandwich. I swing that way (and I think I'll steal that phrasing.)

        2. Strip Club Steak is getting all the buzz I read/hear.

          1. The newest place is the new upscale Mexican restaurant called Indio that just opened in the old Pizza Nea space in Lake looks interesting, haven't tried it yet though. I always thought upscale Mexican was needed in this area

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            1. re: andre5

              Sad to see Pizza Nea go. I looked at their menu, a little pricey for the area. We should see how it goes.

              1. re: andre5

                Owned by the same team of El Meson and Cafe Ena, that one is. I'm not sure if their food always justifies their prices-- their mofongo is terminally dry. I will likely try it once-- but for upscale Mexican, it's not all that far from Masa on Nicollet in downtown.

                1. re: cheeseguysgirl

                  We tried Indio on Friday night and I was not impressed. The service was weak and the food was not that great. We were sad about it since I LOVE Cafe Ena and Indio is just a walk away for us. I will give it another chance to see if they can work out the kinks but the first impression was not good. The waiter forgot our appetizer. When we got our entrees we asked about it and he said he didn't hear us order one. huh? It was loud in there but I saw him writing something down.

                  Ok - no biggie - he did offer to pay for half our dessert. I had chile rellenos which were just ok. Nothing special at all especially for the price. For dessert I had vanilla carmel cake that was really dry and again, not great.

                  Just my thoughts after one visit!

              2. Nick & Eddie, major attitude problem with the staff. A number of friends over the weekend all agreed. Red Stag, a must go.

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                  My wife and I dropped into Heidi's on their third day in business at 5 pm and managed to snag a table. I understand they've been SRO ever since.

                  Tge food is great! It's for people of a certain age (ahem) whose children have left home and can now enjoy themselves. The setting is very romantic, so I'm sure there will be nightly proposals for people of a much earlier age.