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Dec 21, 2007 06:16 PM

Taro Sushi Tips?

I plan to go there for the first time next Thursday with a friend. When is the best time to go? Is 1pm too early for omakase? What other items are worth ordering or what to avoid? Also, how is parking in the area? Thanks!

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  1. parking is usually ok via meter. i would suggest a call to them. they are closed at somepoint during the afternoon, not sure when. the best sushi around, make it a point to go there.....enjoy!

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    1. re: mag

      its not like the best of the city (yasuda, seki, etc...) but its at least 65% less. never had a problem getting a meter over there.

      i skip the omakase...after yasuda, i just know i wont get a better presentation of fish. its not bad but its not mind blowing.

      for me, its my joint...solid and delicious fish at a great price. for that, i get the sushi for two and some specials...usually throw in some scallop sushi because its delicious.

    2. I think it depends on what you're going for. I don't think lunch is the time for omakase. If you're making a special trip, you should try to go for dinner and get the omakase, it is great. Lunch is going to be a much more casual meal there...surely really good, but I'm not sure if I would make special trip for it.

      1. Thanks for the replies. I've decided to try and get there around 5ish. Is it busy around that time? Could I order omakase while my friend does not at the sushi bar? Also, do they have a fixed price for the omakase or could I just say I'm only willing to spend $50 for omakase? How many pieces should I expect? This is my first omakase so I'm a total newbie. Thanks Again!

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          5pm should be quiet...this restaurant is only crowded on thur - sun...during prime dinner hours. if you and yr friend are at the bar and you get omakase, they can totally do a la carte and not feel weird at all. the waiters are very friendly though their english is merely ok. ive capped my omakase at $35 there once and probably had about 10 mini courses or so. just tell them how much you want to spend or dont be surprised if it costs more than you expected.

          dont feel shy about any of it. yr the customer and theyre pretty accomodating. i would suggest you and yr friend get the omakase together so you can compare what you enjoyed but thats just me.