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Dec 21, 2007 06:00 PM

Recommendations for Williamsburg/Park Slope?

Any recommendations for a good place to meet old friends in Williamsburg? I'm from San Francisco, they're from Berlin, we'll both be in Williamsburg for one night, Dec. 29. None of us have been to that neighborhood before... any suggestions for a place that would be delicious/fun/casual/memorable? Maybe near other shops/cafes/bars so we can get a feel for the area? Thanks!

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  1. If you're sticking to the heart of Williamsburg, a good pick would be Sweetwater on North 6 btw Berry and Wythe (http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/bars/...). French Bistro kind of atmosphere and food. It's close to Galapagos, SEA, shops, Music Hall of Williamsburg, etc.
    Another good one, a little off the path is Marlowe and Sons, Diner and Dressler. All on Broadway. Check out the freewilliamsburg.com link for quick profiles of all those restaurants.
    My absolute favorite restaurant in Williamsburg is Aurora on Grand and Wythe. Incredible Italian food.
    DuMont Burger (tight space) and Bonita are good picks too - as is the original DuMont on Union and Metropolitan.
    Also, I haven't been but a new place called Blackbird Parlour just opned on Bedford and N. 6, I believe. That's definitely in the hub of W'burg.

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      These sound great, thanks! I'll definitely check out that website.

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        I second Bonita. I ate there last week for a friends birthday; grilled corn with cheese, amazing (fresh) fish tacos, and spicy nachos - yum!

      2. fyi, williamsburg and park slope are not all that close to each other. a LONG subway ride into manhattan and back out to brooklyn or a 20/30 minute car service ride, which will probably cost $20+ for an in-borough ride. that said, if I were meeting some friends in williamsburg, we'd definitely go to Peter Luger. super $$$, amazing steaks, worth all the hassle. but $$$. definitely delicious, fun, casual, and memorable- all your criteria. reservation a must... don't forget to try the bacon. enjoy fb p.s. dumont burger is good too, and people love pies and thighs, though i have not tried it.

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          Fette Sau is casual and cheap and fun, but I haven't been in winter. It's probably more fun when you can just sit outside in the sun.

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            i wouldn't call fette sau cheap. it's good bbq though and pleasant in the winter with a bourbon or two from their impressive collection. the sides are surprisingly (less) than mediocre.
            i still like dumont for dinner.
            i also still like marlow and sons even though it has changed for the worse.
            have not tried dressler yet....but i've heard it's one of the best in the burg.

            as for park slope (which is not so close) i would say...al di la (no reservations and draws a crowd)...or franny's on flatbush (technically borders parkslope) i always feel like wburg has a lot more to offer in terms of restaurants than parkslope...but that's just me. good luck!

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              True - I guess it's not exactly cheap, although you can do okay since there is no table service and 20% tip. I know some that swear by the beans - even though they're not really my favorite.

              It's funny you say that about Park Slope having less to offer - because my impression has always been that it's the opposite - and that the overall average quality is higher in Park Slope. Now that I've moved from Park Slope to Williamsburg, I'm less certain. But maybe that's a topic for another thread.

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                i think the culinary differences between the burg and the slope would be a great thread. i have to say that i felt much more inspired by the food in east brooklyn. i also think that it was generally more affordable to eat well over there as well.

        2. definitely dumont...maybe followed by drinks at union pool about 2 blocks away (next to the expressway).

          1. Zipi Zape is a little place that serves great tapas. It's a lot of fun inside--very Williamsburg--so you'd get the feel of the neighborhood quickly.

            1. I see the date has passed, but I think Marlow and Sons would be perfect. Alas. Would love to know where you ended up!