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Oct 8, 2000 08:24 PM

blood oranges

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I really like blood oranges. They can be tough to find. Any fruit store or farmer's market recommendations where they can be bought with any consistency?

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  1. Have you tried Bristol Farms? Or the good old Farmer's Market at Fairfax and Third?

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    1. re: Cindy

      Try any local farmer's market (the hard-core produce vending kind, not just 3rd and Fairfax). There's a citrus grower at the Sunday Hollywood FM, on the east side of Ivar between Sunset and Selma. Depending on the season, they have tangelos and all sorts of wonderful citrus, including blood reds. They're not as good as Sicilian BROs, but nevertheless tasty and juicy. I can't remember if they're in season now. By virtue of the sheer number of vendors, the Wednesday Santa Monica market is another good bet.

      1. re: Jessica Ritz

        Thanks - I'll check that out. We should be in the heart of citrus season, I believe.

        1. re: Dylan Yolles

          Dylan, the blood oranges are now at the markets, so go get them! If you live on the west side, try the Wednesday farmers market along the 2nd Street-Arizona axis in Santa Monica.

          1. re: Sam

            You can find them at a reasonable price (on and off) throughout the year at Trader Joe's.