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Dec 21, 2007 05:55 PM

Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich

has the best salad ever!!!
Plar Goong (spicy shrimp)
Lettuce, Kaffir lime leaves, Scallions and coriander........
unbelievable balance of flavors........crisp.......spicy.....absolutely delicious........
they also do a killer take out service if you don't feel like eating it in the restaurant........but either way.........go try it!!!!!!

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  1. What's the address of this place? I remember hearing about it, but can't remember where it is. Is it the one near hamilton ave?

    Also, have you tried kit's thai kitchen in Stamford? I wonder how the two compare next to each other. I like kit's. it is quite good for suburban thai.

    I'll have to head down to this place too. What is the inside like? What are the prices like?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      it's a small, little quaint hole in the frills......not big on the ambiance.........byob (i usually bring a couple beers, they're glad to keep them cold for you) just consistently fresh, tasty food........
      i like kit's a little better for their entrees.....
      but the little thai kitchen's salads/apps and thai iced tea is superior to kit's..........
      prices are cheap....i'll say it again.....go.....and try my recommended salad!!! (only if you like spice)

    2. we do take out there all the time - I'll have to try this next time. We usually get the Mee Grob which is great. They also make a great satay sauce.

      1. There is a LTK in manhattan as well. I order from it quite a bit. It's always fresh and delicious. One of the better thai restaurants in midtown east. I'll have to try the salad you mention.

        1. Thanks to reading the various recommendations of this place here, we got take-out and were happy with the results. I'm no Thai food expert, but I found everything tasty. My husband found the eggplant in the garlic eggplant and asparagus to be too bitter, but I think that's more due to him not really liking chunks of eggplant. Anyway, we definitely plan to try it again.