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Dec 21, 2007 05:08 PM

Ring Bologna?

Misplaced Iowegian looking for ring bologna like you can get back home at any market. Anyone seen this in the valley area? Thanks )Merry Christmas(

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  1. I remember seeing Boars Head made a ring bologna. Not sure if you can find Usingers ring out here. Alpine Market in Torrance or Eschbecks (sp) in Gardena on Western Ave. may have. Sorry - don't know much in the valley.

    1. Boar's Head ring bologna is great.

      Carried in most Ralph's these days and all Gelson's.

      1. This reply is one year late to the date, but here goes....I just picked up a Usinger's Ring Bologna at Sprouts in Torrance yesterday. They carry a few Usinger's products, which makes this ex-Milwaukeean happy.
        I'm planning on serving it tomorrow as I watch the Packer-Bears game...I'm trying to remember how my mom cooked it.

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          I just got a couple boars head ring bologna discounted at Ralph's. It seems more of a sausage so I was thinking of cooking it with sauerkraut. I'm looking for other suggestion or recipes. Seems like many people pickle it in many different ways and eat as a snack. What shoul I do with this thing?