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Dec 21, 2007 04:51 PM

Where are the Good Restaurants (Non-Chain) in Surprise, AZ ?

The only one that I frequent in Surprise is Babbo's Italian Eatery at 15609 W. Bell Road. Wow, such yummy food!!! I've been going there nearly every week. Such delicious Italian food.

I want more recommendations--seems like most places are all chain-restaurants. Any recommendations in Peoria, Glendale, Litchfield, or Avondale is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Here are some of the places in my "west valley" rotation:

    - Bravi Tuscan Kitchen
    - Pho Avina
    - Little Saigon
    - Tortas Paquime
    - Maharaja Palace
    - Greek Wraps
    - 5395 West Soul Food Place

    Pho Avina
    4920 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306

    Indian Maharaja Palace
    5775 W Bell Rd Ste 5, Glendale, AZ 85308

    Bravi Tuscan Kitchen
    5940 W Union Hills Dr, Glendale, AZ 85308

    Little Saigon
    7016 N 57th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

    Tortas Paquime
    10565 W Indian School Rd Ste 104, Avondale, AZ 85392

    Greek Wraps
    7369 W Bell Rd, Peoria, AZ 85382

    5395 West Soul Food Place
    725 N Central Ave Ste 101, Avondale, AZ 85323

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      I will heartily second a lot of andyeat's recs -- I love Tortas Paquime. Even better, they have another one located near my office -- 26th & McDowell, I think. I would add Mi Cocina Mi Pais to his Arrowhead listings, the food is spectacular.

      I really don't notice the chains anymore, a little hunting nets you lots of good eats. I would suggest you search on any of the keywords you mention in this board.

      In Surprise, you're lucky enough to be very close to Line Thai and Yorman's Bistro, as well as Beyond The Grape, a wine bistro, and Cocono's Mexican Island Kitchen, which is upscale Mexican, a lot better than the name would suggest.

      In Litchfield/Avondale, we have some great spots:

      Park Wines
      Dino's Greek & Italian Grill
      Ground Control Coffee Roasters/Gelato/Wine Bar
      Tomo Japanese
      Takamatsu Sushi/Korean (local chain)
      Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro

      Park Wines
      76 N Old Litchfield Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

      1. re: themis

        I could of sworn there was a for sale sign on the window of Cocono's Mexican Island Kitchen. I would try to call first to see.

        1. re: Kari

          We noticed a couple of weeks ago that Cocono's is defunct.

        2. re: themis

          Went to Line Thai--that place is not that great. I won't be going back there. It's good if you're craving Thai & that's the only place in town.

          1. re: kathrynsummer

            The old people ruined it. They're the bane of every good restaurant in the West Valley.

            Vogue Bistro on Waddell and Reems in the new, hot spot. Looks like Scottsdale in Surprise, so to speak. The chef is fresh from Chicago and serves wonderful food.

            We're all waiting for the geezers to trash the place with their endless complaints about how the food isn't just like their midwestern mush.

            1. re: kathrynsummer

              Line Thai is much improved now. Went there in March, 2012. Sweet and Sour Shrimp very good. Some of the curry is very good. Some of the soups very good. Large menu, some hit and miss, but if you find a few favorites after exploration, they stay pretty consistent.

          2. re: andyeats

            trying to add more place links --

          3. I've eaten at Babbo's three times. The first time was great. My wife and I were thrilled to find such a fantastic eatery near our house.

            The second time, my wife ordered a salad and it came swimming in dressing. Cupped lettuce literally had pools of vinegar in them. Also, our sliced tomatoes with mozzarella were less than fresh.

            The last time, and I do mean last time, I ordered a meal for my Parent's 38th wedding anniversary. My sandwich had one slice of lunch meat in it, and my parents' spaghetti sauces were too spicy for them. I tried it and while I can handle quite a bit of heat, I found that the burn obliterated any residual taste.

            I'm not sure why your experiences are much better than mine. In my opinion, Babbo's become just another "phoning it in" restaurant.

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            1. re: jhenner

              Let me make a correction--I have had some dishes I wouldn't rave over, but I love Babbo's particularly for the Pasta Valducci (artichokes, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, garlic, in a pink sauce) and that's what I usually get. My boyfriend likes the Babbo's bowl of bolognaise and that's always been very good. Their focaccia bread served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar is delicious also.

              I had their pizza once and wasn't too impressed. It's not very authentic Italian either.

            2. Portofino Ristorante West
              12851 w.Bell Rd.
              Great Italian food at a good price,the downside is it's like eating in the cafeteria of a nursing home.Lots of wheel chairs ,walkers and oxygen bottles.

              Rio Mirage
              Litchfield rd. and Bell.
              The original place is in El Mirage and is a solid Mexican Restaurant,this is the new addition and should be good also,I haven't tried it yet but the old one is always good.Locally owned.

              Dillon's Grand
              19900 N. Remington Dr.
              Dillon's is a great place with excellent food and service.

              White Eagle Deli.
              16846 W. Bell Rd.
              Great Polish deli !

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              1. re: twodogs

                What would you recommend at Rio Mirage? I'm thinking about going there.

                1. re: kathrynsummer

                  It's been awhile since I've been to the one in El Mirage but their green chile was good as was the mole.If you go to the new place be sure a report on how it was.I hope it's as good as the original.

                  1. re: kathrynsummer

                    I've eaten at Rio Mirage a few times. It's really not bad gringo-type mexican food. My only qualm is that they put their salsas in cup/jars. I can't dip that way and always end up asking for a bowl.

                    Generally, my rule is to be leery of the authenticity of any mexican restaurant so close to the Sun Cities. You just know the food is tapered for geezer tongues.

                2. Thanks for all the recommendations! Am still looking for more recommendations---those right in Surprise as they open up.

                  I found another two restaurants I enjoy--they're not in Surprise, though. One is Mariscos y Comida Mexicana. They make fresh tortillas, handmade daily (both corn & flour ones). Delicious fish tacos. Everything is made fresh. It's a new restaurant and the waitresses are very nic. Very reasonable prices. 8427 W Peoria Ave, Peoria in a non-assuming shopping plaza. (623)773-3220

                  Nam Sao Vietnamese Restaurant is my favorite Vietnamese in the area now, even though I have to drive 30 min to get there. Family-owned restaurant. I like their Thit Nuong Ot Cay--Grilled Spicy Treats (I had shrimp sprinkled with sweet chili sauce, sauteed and served with rice vermicelli, vegetable, rice paper, and peanut or fish sauce---you roll your own summer roll wrap),pho, Bun Bi Cha Gio Chay- Tofu & Vegetable Egg Roll Vermicelli Salad---delicious egg rolls come with that. I always mean to have their fried bananas because I love that dessert, but never seem to find room for it. It's at 4349 West Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308. (602)439-5025.

                  1. Man, I wish I would have replied first.

                    My answer would have been, 'Surprise! There are none.'

                    Since its too late in the thread for that:

                    Raul & Theresa's - Avondale - Not chow-style, but I love me a broke in old 70's style mexican joint.

                    Old Pueblo Cafe - Litchfield Park - The kinda of mexican you would expect from a place that sits across from the Wigwam without the prices. I love going here on a cool spring night.

                    Arizona Kitchen @ Wigwam Resort - Litchfield Park - Gourmet Southwestern

                    As much as I bad mouth the west valley, I don't mind these places.

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                    1. re: ValleyFever

                      I really like the neighborhood feel of Old Pueblo and the patio is unbeatable on the nice evenings. They have spoiled me with the super fresh pico de gallo and I love to order on the a la carte side to try more things.

                      Arizona Kitchen is also is a favorite - great variety and a chef who really loves southwestern ingredients. I have been to a few wine dinners this year and enjoyed the wine pairings and the wine guys telling about their process. I have found they really want you to enjoy the meal and be "wow"-ed so they try to anticipate your needs with great service and food.

                      Now I just have to see if my yummy Vietnamese place on Van Buren (Avondale/Goodyear) re-opens after their fire, or I can just keep trying things on the huge King Egg Roll on Central and Van Buren in Avondale since they have such great variety.

                      Arizona Kitchen
                      300 Wigwam Blvd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

                      Old Pueblo Cafe
                      102 N Old Litchfield Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

                      Central King Egg Roll
                      13530 W Van Buren St, Goodyear, AZ