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Dec 21, 2007 04:42 PM

Pot au feu? Olga's?

I would like to get my mom a gift certificate for one of these -- my treat for lunch for the two of us. We have been to, and love, Olga's but maybe something new would be great. I just haven't been to Pot au feu, but we've been meaning to try it :)

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  1. I would say Chez Pascal, then Pot au feu. Olga's is, well . . . ok.

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    1. re: bewley

      I agree with the above post. I love Olgas, but Chez Pascal and Pot Au Feu are overall different experiences and would make a great gift.

      - Garris

      PS: Always good to list the city in this board, BTW. I have long wished that Chowhound would give us a Providence or RI board of our very own :( ...

    2. This is the New England Forum !!!
      Is every Yankee to know where " Olga's " and/or " Chez Pascal " is ?
      Don't be selfish, give us addresses.

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      1. re: Peter B Wolf

        A quick google tells me Providence, RI.